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What you need to know

  • Popular note-taking app Notability has a big new version 11 available.
  • Notability is now free with an annual subscription unlocking all functionality.

Notability has a big new version 11 update out, but that isn't the only change people will notice — Notability is now free with an annual subscription unlocking functionality.

Previously a paid app, Notability can now be downloaded for free which makes it available to more people. However, limits on editing and other features will see people hand over up to $14.99 per year to the App Store to get access to the whole app.

As a free app, Notability is more widely available than ever before. The free version provides the same Notability experience users know and love, with limits on editing and some features. For an unlimited note taking experience with premium content, users can opt for a new annual subscription, normally $14.99/year but currently available for $11.99 for a limited time. In addition to unlimited note taking, subscribers have access to advanced technology like MyScript Math Conversion and fresh creative content such as planners, stickers, and more

Already a Notability user who paid upfront for your app? You'll be able to continue using it without paying another penny — until November 1, 2022 at least.

In terms of new features, Notability has gained a gallery where people can post their notes for everyone to see.

With the release of Notability 11.0, for the first time ever users can publish notes publicly to the Notability Gallery and enjoy the creativity of the community. Gallery opens up unlimited possibilities for learning and sharing on the app—users can search for ideas on any topic and find inspiration from over 15 million Notability note takers across the globe.

Other changes include more flexible organization options, hand-crafted templates, and an enhanced page manager. More information is available in the announcement press release while the blog post is worth a read, too.

Users can download Notability from the App Store now. It's undoubtedly one of the best iPad and Mac apps at what it does.

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