Now you can follow all of iMore on Google+!

If Google+ is your thing, we have some good news for you -- all of our iMore stories are now posted there for you to enjoy. And share. And plus. A lot.

That's right, just like Twitter, ADN, Facebook, and RSS, Google+ is now getting absolutely everything iMore has to offer. That includes news and editorials, apps and accessories, reviews and how-tos, podcasts and contests.

If you're curious how we're doing it, it's all thanks to's, you-could-call-it-experimental, support for the brand new Google+ write API. Yes, that does mean it might not be as stable as our other social feeds, but right now it seems to be working really well, and we'll be sure to keep an eye on it to make sure that continues.

So, if you use Google+, circle us up, and let's get plussy!