O2 to Offer iPhone 3G for "Free"?!

Current iPhone user on UK's O2 network eager to get your hands on the hot new iPhone 3G, yeah? Ready to act fast, are you? Willing to sign up for O2's premium £45 or £75 per month plans, eh? If so -- and for a limited time only -- you could qualify for a free iPhone 3G 8GB or 16GB respectively. Cracking deal, innit?

Bargain hunters looking for the £35 plan will have to fork over £99 or £159 for their handsets, as will any newcomers to the platform. Doesn't seem cricket, does it?

Chins up, though, unlike AT&T in the States, O2 will be offering Pay & Go options, though no details have been provided yet.

Take a right little look at the read link for more on O2's iPhone 3G rates and plans...

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Rene Ritchie

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  • Just popped into an O2 store in Kirkcaldy (Scotland)....enquired about the activation process, will it be the same I asked?...One of the sales assistants laughed, "I cant tell you or I will get shot" was the response. I enquired if the handset would need to be activated in store...there was a pause a nod of the head and it was left at that....
    Take from that what you will.....Bad times ahead for those looking to jailbreak their handsets....
  • Kevin,
    I don't know if you've been to the iPhone 3G pages on Apple UK web site, but if you click one of the 'Where to buy' buttons it gives you two options: O2 and Carphone Warehouse - no mention of Apple stores. That sort of implies in-store activation too I think.
    Btw, did you hear gunfire as you left? :)
  • Dont think that the manager seemed too impressed as she overheard the member of staff making the comment....We all bought 1st generation iphones and had them cracked within the half hour.. We specifically didn't shop at the Car Phone Warehouse as they made you sign pre contract agreement that you needed to sign...? I didnt actually see this document, although a member of staff from the CWH told me that they send the agreements to 02. Im not too sure how O2 would have policed this or what the impact would have been if you didn't activate the phone via itunes....anyway, it wasn't relevant as we went the o2 route. On a serious note, this is a disaster for all of those looking to just buy the handset and crack it....I would imagine that people will still be able to get a hold of the phones but it will be top dollar....or a grey import, either way you will still be paying big money...We can live in hope...
  • I'm sure the intention is to prevent unlocking, but personally I'm not bothered - you have to use the phone on one network or another and the O2 iPhone plans look ok to me.
  • It still quite a lot of money to have an iPhone but i'm looking forward to the PAYG iPhone. Might be a lot for the Handset but for me it will be cheaper. I don't need all those texts and minutes with O2.
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