White HomePod sitting on a television standSource: iMore

What you need to know

  • Apple will hold an iPhone 12 event next week.
  • It is expected to debut a new HomePod alongside its flagship smartphones.
  • A reliable leaker says Apple will announce a new HomePod mini, but not a second-generation version of its original, larger HomePod.

Apple's October iPhone 12 event will not feature a second-generation HomePod but will see the debut of Apple's brand new HomePod mini.

That's according to serial Apple leaker l0vetodream, who tweeted the news overnight:


L0vetodream is one of the most reliable Apple leakers in the game. Despite the often mysterious and cryptic nature of the account's tweets, AppleTrack's database notes that the account has an 88.7% accuracy rating on 47 Apple rumors, describing the account as "scarily correct". Most recently, the account correctly pinned down the iOS 14 launch date, Apple Watch pre-order date, new quick charge feature for Apple Watch, the price of the new iPad Air, new Apple Watch colors, and plenty more. All of this is to say that l0vetodream has been extremely reliable in forewarning us about Apple's plans in the past.

This rumor also lines up with previous rumors that Apple plans to debut a smaller, cheaper smart speaker named HomePod mini.

We know very little specific details about the rumored HomePod mini, except that is rumored to be a smaller version of Apple's original HomePod, perhaps with a more specific focus on its functionality as a smart home and automation hub rather than as a premium audio device. Given that it will be smaller in form factor and also cheaper than the original HomePod, it seems reasonable to assume that the device will not pack quite the same audio punch as its predecessor. The trade-off will be a smaller speaker that takes up less space and won't cost as much. With the October iPhone 12 event just days away, we don't have long to find out.