ODM PH-1 precision pH Meter for iPhone

The ODM PH-1 accessory combined with its pH Meter companion app brings pH measurement to the iPhone and iPod touch. The accessory plugs into the iPhone and has a reader attached for taking the pH and temperature readings. The companion app records the readings, as well as the location, time, and date of the readings.

The could be a fabulous little kit for scientist working in the field for environmental testing, or even for commercial pool maintenance. Another great use would be in the science labs of schools - the labs could have a handful of the accessories and students could take turns using their iPhones and iPod touch's to take readings for their projects.

Check out the video above, where Rene interviews the developer and creator of the ODM PH-1 precision pH Meter and receives a demo.

The PH-1 meter combines the iPhone's GPS and communication abilities with a precision instrument to bring pH measurement to a new level. Not only does the system record the pH values, but the time, date and location of the measurement are also logged.

  • Measures pH with accuracy to .01 pH
  • Voltage measurement accurate to 1 mV
  • Two temperature measurements: ambient and solution
  • Records measurements with time stamp and location
  • Reports measurements by date or location
  • Sends measurement values by email
  • Supports 1,2,3 or more point calibrations

Head on over to odm Technology's website for ordering information. The companion app, pH Meter, is available on the iPhone for free.

[App Store link]

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