Oh Crop Banner ImageSource: Josh Holtz

What you need to know

  • Oh Crop is an app that takes your photos and crops them based on an emoji of your choosing.
  • Images can be cropped in the Oh Crop app and via Shortcuts.

Sometimes the best apps come out of a single need. That's the story behind Oh Crop, a new app from developer Josh Holtz that takes your photos and crops them based on an emoji of your choosing.

Holtz says that he needed a simple way to take someone's Twitter profile image and make it into a circle via a script for his newsletter. And then it all snowballed from there. Once Holtz became a parent, creating the profile images became a pain.

This process was technically working fine but it required that I always had access to my Mac for preparing and releasing issues. This was okay until I became a parent in December of 2020 🥰 Since then, a majority of my issues have been prepped, written, and released from my iPhone – as it was easier to use a phone while walking or rocking a baby than awkwardly using a computer 😛 Even though I was doing this all through my phone, I still had to remote into my Mac to run my automation scripts. I didn't like having to do that so I decided I want to move everything to iOS Shortcuts.

The result is Oh Crop.

Originally created as a simple utility app for Shortcuts to crop photos to circles, Oh Crop is now a fully featured and overengineered app that will crop a photo to look like any emoji.

Want a circle? Pick the red circle emoji. Want a diamond? Pick the diamond emoji. Want a poodle? Pick the poodle emoji. The choice... is yours! Your friends will love it when you turn turn their faces into a trash can.

And that really is all there is to it. It's a cool app that you might not have known you needed, but I'm willing to bet you're going to spend the next 30 minutes playing with it. Because I know I did.

You can download Oh Crop from the App Store now. It's free with in-app purchases available. You can read more about Oh Crop's origin story on Holtz's blog, too.

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