If you're a fan of rolling around your house with Sphero, then it may be time to kick things up a bit with the new kid in town, Ollie. Think of Ollie as a bigger, bolder Sphero. Ready to roll faster, jump higher, and do much cooler tricks. The $99 Ollie is available now for preorder and begins shipping September 15th.

Don't get Ollie confused with Sphero — where Sphero is a ball, Ollie is more of a cylinder with wheels. It can take on nearly any terrain and is even customizable with plenty of accessories like nubby wheels or custom hubs. Ollie is made for speed and can hit up to 14mph, and it's tough enough to spin, drift, flip, and jump to your hearts content.

You can pre-order Ollie now for just $99 (or $149 for a special edition blacked-out model). Accessories are on the way later this year.