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What you need to know

  • Someone who preordered the new Apple TV 4K got it already.
  • The new streaming box officially launches on Friday, May 21.

One lucky person who preordered the new Apple TV 4K is already enjoying the new Siri Remote.

The new Apple TV 4K officially launches in Apple Stores on Friday, May 21. Customers who preordered the new streaming box can also expect to receive their order on their doorstep on that day as well.

However, at least one lucky customer has already received their order two days before its official release. Reddit user Makivivu posted an image of the new Siri Remote earlier today saying that "The new Apple TV is home!"

The new Apple TV 4K is the first Apple TV to support high frame rate HDR which should translate to 4K at 60 frames per second. That's a notable bump, especially for those who use their Apple TV to watch fast-action content like live sports. Granted, there aren't many networks streaming at that quality yet, but those enhancements are expected in the next year or so.

The new Apple TV 4K also features a new Siri Remote that brings all of the buttons back to the remote while still featuring the swipe gestures that some enjoyed with the previous model.

The next generation of Apple TV 4K, featuring innovative color balance technology and high frame rate HDR, delivers the best entertainment experience at home and connects customers to their favorite content with the highest quality.

The all-new Siri Remote features clickpad control that offers five-way navigation for better accuracy, and is also touch-enabled for the fast directional swipes Apple TV users love. The outer ring of the clickpad supports an intuitive circular gesture that turns it into a scrubbing control — perfect for finding a scene in a movie or show. And with its one-piece aluminum design, the new Siri Remote fits more comfortably in a user's hand.

You can still preorder the new Apple TV 4K or purchase it from your local Apple Store on Friday.

New remote!

Apple TV 4K 2021

Apple TV 4K (2021)

Minor, but welcome improvements

There's no doubt that the Apple TV 4K (2021) can produce a better picture than the previous model; however, that will only make a difference if you have a TV that can support it. The A12 Bionic inside will make it faster, making Apple Arcade run more smoothly, and the addition of Wi-Fi 6 is nice if you have a Wi-Fi 6 router.

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