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Onelink Safe and Sound update adds support for AirPlay 2

First Alert OneLink Safe & Sound installed on a ceiling
First Alert OneLink Safe & Sound installed on a ceiling (Image credit: First Alert)

What you need to know

  • A firmware update for the Onelink Safe and Sound is rolling out now which adds AirPlay 2.
  • AirPlay 2 enables multi-room music streaming that stays in sync across all devices.
  • Update is only available for the Safe and Sound.

First Alert has begun its roll-out of a new firmware update that adds AirPlay 2 to the Onelink Safe and Sound smoke and carbon monoxide detector. AirPlay 2 support enables multi-room audio playback that stays in sync across all devices, making the Onelink a convenient way to keep the tunes flowing across the home.

To enable AirPlay 2 on the Safe & Sound, you will need Firmware Version 1.04.32 or higher. This version will be automatically pushed to customers in an automatic over-the-air (OTA) firmware update.

Owners of the Safe and Sound can locate the latest feature in the Onelink Home app (opens in new tab) if their hardware has been updated to firmware version 1.04.32. Within the app, users will now see a new option, AirPlay 2 Setup, in the settings pane for the Safe and Sound under the Product Information portion.

Onelink Home app AirPlay 2 Setup function

Onelink Home app AirPlay 2 Setup function (Image credit: First Alert)

Once AirPlay 2 has been setup, the OneLink Safe and Sound should now appear alongside other AirPlay 2 devices in Control Center, or via the AirPlay menu within audio and video apps. The OneLink Safe and Sound can also now be added as a speaker within the iOS Home app, potentially allowing it to function within HomeKit automations and scenes.

AirPlay 2 support adds even more to the Safe and Sound's long list of features, which include smoke and carbon monoxide detection, HomeKit integration, nightlight, and a microphone which gives it onboard Amazon Alexa functionality. While its speaker may not compare to offerings such as Apple's HomePod, the Onelink Safe and Sound's convenience may make it a solid choice for whole home audio.

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1 Comment
  • I bought three back in July 2018 because at that time they were advertising "Alexa multi-room music group capability coming with an update in August (2018)". It is now February 2020 and still no update. I greatly regret my purchase simply because the company gave consumers a false hope. At the least they could give periodic updates. Chris, since you seem to have a direct line with First Alert, can you get an update on Alexa multi-room music capability?