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What you need to know

  • Anyone ordering a new M1 iMac today will still have a hefty wait before it arrives.
  • Orders in the UK will take a month to arrive while those in the US will take up to three weeks.

Apple's new M1 iMac is proving popular with those who already have it, but those who don't are set for quite the wait even if they place their order right here, and right now. In fact, those in the United Kingdom will have to wait as long as August 12 for their new Mac to land on their doorstep.

It isn't much better news in the United States either, with M1 iMacs not set to arrive for up to three weeks from the point of order. The French are in a similar position to the Brits, as are the Germans.

Apple Imac Shipment Dates UkSource: iMore

Depending on the configuration and color you're looking for, there might be better a better chance of finding an iMac in stock, waiting to be picked up at your local Apple Store. I wouldn't bet on it, though. My local Apple Store has one configuration in stock and even then, only if you want the blue or silver version.

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It isn't exactly clear whether this shortage is caused by huge demand or supply chain issues, but both are equally possible right now. Apple has reportedly just seen a bumper quarter in terms of Mac sales, after all.

If you don't mind waiting a while, there are some iMac deals to be had online beyond the Apple Store. If you're going to have to wait anyway, you might as well save some money while you're doing it, right?

Apple's M1 iMac is proving hugely popular thanks to its speedy M1 chip and funky colors. If its 24-inch screen is too small, rumors of a larger 27-inch+ variant began circling this week.

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