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Osfoora for iPhone - App Review

Osfoora is a Twitter client that’s been gaining a lot of traction on the iPhone platform.  Me, being me, decided to finally give it a go.  As we already know, I’m extremely shallow and finicky when it comes to picking an everyday Twitter client.  But as we all know, there’s tons to choose from and what may suit one person, doesn’t suit another.  For me, I’ll use whatever serves as the best all around client for me until something better pops up.  In my opinion, Osfoora is the best all around client right now.

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Like clients such as Tweetings, Osfoora’s general layout looks a lot like the official Twitter for iPhone client, which isn’t a bad thing.  It also adds a couple simple customization options such as a user home screen.  You can tweak the colors to your liking as well.

You can also choose between two themes, light and dark.  I prefer the light theme but a lot of users like the dark look as well.  I think it provides a balance without overdoing it and ruining the UI.

Osfoora boasts a lot of the features we’ve come to expect from a good Twitter client.  It supports pull down to refresh, lists, uploading pics and videos, conversation views, read it later, search (nearby, users, keywords), now playing, link shorteners, hashtags, and much more.  Another feature I like is the Follow Friday feature.  It allows you to set up follow Fridays in a much easier way than editing and adding people manually.  You can choose how many people you’d like it to post from your friends list.  It’s definitely a neat feature a lot of users may enjoy using over entering their Follow Fridays manually.

Nearby Tweets also has a cool add-in I haven’t seen many Twitter clients implement. Given I’m not a huge user of nearby, maybe some do, but I’ve never noticed it.  Osfoora has added in a list view in addition to the map view.  This seems a lot easier to browse through than looking at a map and tapping individual bubbles to read tweets.  It’s minor, but shows the developer really put a lot of thought into user experience.

Profile viewing is also similar to a lot of other popular Twitter clients.  It’s got basic user profile information, follow information, list support, block user, and report as spam access. Overall, I feel comfortable saying Osfoora will stay in my iPhone dock until something better comes along.  The only thing I’d really like to see added is native push.  Boxcar does support Osfoora, but I’ve been having a lot of issues with Boxcar lately.  I’ve also tried Notifo, but as of now, I couldn’t find a way to make Osfoora my default Twitter client for things to open within Osfoora instead of Twitter for iPhone.  I don’t believe the functionality is there just yet.  If I missed it though, let me know in the comments!


  • Clean but powerful UI
  • Easy to navigate, you can use it right from the gate without having to teach yourself too much
  • Developer put a lot of thought into the “little things”
  • Decent price


  • No native push support

TiPb iPhone 4.5-star rated

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iMore senior editor from 2011 to 2015.

  • FYI, Osfoora means little bird in arabic ^_*
  • I like Osfoora, but to me it seems like a weird mashup of Tweetie 1 and Tweetie 2 (aka Twitter for iPhone) and Echofon. I'm sticking to Twitter for iPhone, but Osfoora is a nice second option.
  • I like it, but the only reason I still use Twitbird everyday is the FAcebook connectivity. Every Twitter client should have native Facebook connectivity, IMO. Other than that little flaw, it is a nice app and extremely fast. I have not used a client that connects as quickly to Twitter as Osfoora does.
  • Osfoora has become my primary client on both the iPhone and iPad. The recent update to the iPad client (inclusion of a "light" theme) sealed the deal.
  • It looks very similiar to Twitter for the iPhone? What kind of statement is that? I swear to GOD ABOVE Twitter for the iPhone is NOT the standard by which all other Twitter clients are measured by.
  • I grabbed this when it was free over the weekend and really like it. I love how it has both the native and the user built RT ability (eff you Twitter for not including the RT feature).
    The part I don't like that I like in Twitter for iPhone is that to click on a link or photo I have to go inside the tweet. I can't do it from the pop up/slide out menu. It's just a little annoying extra tap.
  • Have the app on my iPhone 4 and have just downloaded HD onto my iPad, and must admit that i am delighted. The only thing I miss is the native push. Keep up the good work!!!
  • Just tried it out and it still doesn't compare to Tweets ( It's nice, but Tweets has so many time savers like direct access to links and hashtags right from the timeline. It's 2010...why do I have to go to a separate screen to click a link? Makes no sense....
  • Okay only but I found is if I add a picture to tweet and then decide to delete it rather than post it there is no way to get out of that screen after you delete it. You are stuck
  • I have it for both my iPhone and iPad, love it on iPad more but I still choose it over the official Twitter app on my phone. Solid UI and very full featured!
  • While I agree the UI and functionality is nice, using multiple devices puts sync at the top of my list, therefore echofon remains my client of choice until someone else adds that functionality
  • So, if you Tweet are you a Twit or a Twat? ;)
  • One of the coolest things about this app is that it lets you tweet/twitpic more than one picture at a time. It also has a built in feature that will do a #nowplaying for whatever song is on your ipod at the time. Those two features but in in line with Twiitelator.
  • I enjoyed using Osfoora, but made the switch to Icebird for a better Twitter experience.