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What you need to know

  • Otter Products has made a "strategic investment" in Brydge.
  • Both companies will now be able to tap into each other's distribution networks.
  • The partnership will also create new products under the Otterbox brand.

Otter Products, the company behind the popular OtterBox cases and other iPhone accessories, has announced that it is making a strategic investment in Brydge, the company behind the popular iPad keyboards.

Otter Products CEO Jim Parke says that the investment will allow both companies to "tap into the strengths of each organization to be even more effective" at creating mobile-first products.

"Our company has always been dedicated to innovating in ways that will enable our customers to get more from their mobile technology. Brydge has the same philosophy, and we recognize that we can tap into the strengths of each organization to be even more effective in achieving this goal, especially as all of our relationships between home, school and work are evolving."

The move will allow each company to tap into the other's distribution networks as well as create new products that, according to the press release, will be solely found under the Otterbox brand.

This new agreement not only allows Otter Products and Brydge to leverage each other's distribution networks, it will also facilitate future co-developed innovations via the OtterBox brand.

Nick Smith, Co-CEO & Founder of Brydge, says that his company has always felt a close relationship with Otterbox, and believes the new partnership presents a huge opportunity for both brands.

"Brydge has always admired OtterBox. From modest roots to what is now a global brand and leader, we have always felt there is a natural synergy with our values, vision and products. This partnership represents a huge opportunity for both brands to continue to drive growth and success in the market."

Further details of the deal are still unknown, but will surely continue to be revealed as time goes on.

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