OtterBox Ispra Series AirPods Pro Case review: Durable and colorful protection

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Bottom line: The Ispra Series gives your AirPods Pro a nice, grippy base and a snug fit. A tab on the front of the lid makes it easier to pop your AirPods Pro case open, and the translucent plastic material allows the charging light to peek through when charging. A circular ring carabiner is included for easy carry. It is also available for the regular AirPods too.


  • +

    Sleek and slim profile

  • +

    Durable protection

  • +

    Translucent material displays charging light

  • +

    Tab on front makes it easier to flick open

  • +

    Precise cutouts for hinge and charging port

  • +

    Includes metal carabiner


  • -

    Lid comes off easily

  • -

    Can't access AirPods Pro reset button

  • -

    Only comes with round carabiner

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Ever since I got my AirPods Pro as a Christmas gift last year, they've never left my side. I take my AirPods Pro with me everywhere, because it's so easy to pop out of the case to listen to some audio while I'm out-and-about, or even just at home, while tuning out the rest of the world for just a little bit. But as I take them everywhere, the wireless charging case is bound to get some scratches and scuffs. Fortunately, OtterBox is here to solve that problem.

OtterBox is a company that is well-known for rugged protection and durability for iPhone and iPad cases, but they're now expanding into the AirPods market too. And you'd be surprised with some of OtterBox's non-rugged case options — I personally love the Symmetry Series myself.

I was given the opportunity to check out OtterBox's new AirPods Pro cases, and I think the Ispra is my new favorite.

Durable protection with a splash of color

OtterBox Ispra Series AirPods Pro Case: Features

Otterbox Ispra Airpods Pro Case Wireless Charge

Otterbox Ispra Airpods Pro Case Wireless Charge (Image credit: Christine Romero-Chan / iMore)

Like most AirPods Pro cases, the Ispra Series is a two part shell. The bottom part is a translucent jelly-like thermoplastic elastomer material, and your AirPods Pro charging case fits snugly into it with ease. The top half consists of a tough polycarbonate material that should be able to withstand drops and everyday wear and tear. There are three foamy tabs on the inside of the lid, as well as a bit of adhesive at the top, to help it stick to your charging case, as well as make it easy to remove if need be.

The Ispra's thermoplastic elastomer material feels similar to plastic jelly, like those translucent jelly sandals I remember from when I was a kid. This gives the case a nice grippy feel, so your AirPods Pro charging case isn't as slippery. And since it is translucent, you can see the status LED light on the front without having take the case off. Thanks to the slim profile of the Ispra, it has no problem with wireless charging.

Otterbox Ispra Airpods Pro Case Port

Otterbox Ispra Airpods Pro Case Port (Image credit: Christine Romero-Chan / iMore)

OtterBox added precise cutouts on the Ispra for the Lightning charging port, as well as the hinge. With that hinge gap, the case doesn't interfere with the process of opening and closing the case. The charging port cutout also has enough space for leeway if you have a Lightning cable with a wider base.

In the bottom corner of the Ispra is a rigid loop where you can attach a carabiner. OtterBox includes a circular ring carabiner, but unlike the Lumen case, it doesn't come with the more standard oval-shaped carabiner.

I opted for the Infinity Pink color option, which is the only one that features glitter in the translucent base. The Black Hole and Spacesuit Blue do not have glitter and are just solid colors. And for those who want to retain the pure white look of the AirPods, the Moon Crystal Grey does just that.

Cute and fun, yet surprisingly durable

OtterBox Ispra Series AirPods Pro Case: What I Like

Otterbox Ispra Airpods Pro Case Open

Otterbox Ispra Airpods Pro Case Open (Image credit: Christine Romero-Chan / iMore)

In the past, I associated OtterBox with bulky, rugged cases that I didn't much care for due to the style. However, ever since its Symmetry series of iPhone cases, I've been much more interested in the company's products, and the Ispra is just another one.

The Ispra Series is slim, durable, and fun. It offers OtterBox's dependable protection from everyday wear and tear for your AirPods.

Honestly, I find the Ispra to be sleek and slim — it doesn't add much bulk to the AirPods Pro charging case itself. The thermoplastic elastomer gives it a nice grip, and its translucent so you can clearly see the LED status light. And the easy-access hinge and front tab make flicking my AirPods Pro case open a breeze.

I've dropped my AirPods Pro intentionally around the house with this case on, and there does not seem to be any scratches or scuffs on the Ispra case. So durability isn't an issue when it comes to the case itself.

It's a little too easy to take the lid off

OtterBox Ispra Series AirPods Pro Case: What I Don't Like

Otterbox Ispra Airpods Pro Case Closed Back

Otterbox Ispra Airpods Pro Case Closed Back (Image credit: Christine Romero-Chan / iMore)

During my testing with the Ispra, I noticed that the adhesive inside the lid could be better. There was no film on it that I had to remove, so the grip didn't feel as strong as it could be. I would press firmly down on the lid while the case was on to make sure it sticks, but if enough pressure is applied, the lid can just pop right off.

I also tested the case by dropping it around my home, and one of those drops resulted in the Ispra lid coming off, and my AirPods flying out. While it's hard to drop my AirPods while it's attached to my belt loop with the carabiner, just be warned if you don't plan on keeping it hanging on something (i.e. if you just want to slip it into your pocket).

Speaking of carabiner, I don't really care for the circular design of the included carabiner. I prefer the standard, oval-shaped design that most come with, or even an S-ring like the AirSnap Pro. I was also sent the OtterBox Lumen case, and that includes a secondary oval-shaped carabiner — that would have been nice to include for the Ispra Series.

And if you ever need to reset your AirPods, unfortunately you'll have to take it out of the Ispra case. That's because the Ispra's translucent plastic body is stiff, so you can't push the reset button on the back of the AirPods charging case.

Durable protection from everyday use in fun colors

OtterBox Ispra Series AirPods Pro Case: The Bottom Line

The Ispra is going to be my new everyday case for keeping my AirPods Pro charging case safe from scratches and scuffs. It adds a great grippy feel to the AirPods, and the tab on the front makes flicking it open easy. I just wish that the lid stuck on better, and the carabiner could be the standard elongated shape, or just have an extra one thrown in.

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