TwelveSouth AirSnap Pro review: Elegant protection for AirPods Pro

The S-clip on the TwelveSouth AirSnap Pro
(Image: © Christine Romero-Chan / iMore)

iMore Verdict

Bottom line: TwelveSouth's AirSnap Pro is an elegant and stylish case for the AirPods Pro made from premium top-grain leather with a metal snap enclosure. There's an opening at the bottom for easy charging and it's also wireless charging compatible, and you can use the S-clip or nylon wristlet for easy carrying.


  • +

    Soft and supple leather

  • +

    Easy access to AirPods Pro

  • +

    Two attachments for easy-carry

  • +

    Secure metal snap

  • +

    Compatible with wired and wireless charging


  • -

    Somewhat pricey

  • -

    Can't access pairing button to reset

  • -

    Some may prefer older clip style

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TwelveSouth AirSnap Pro

TwelveSouth AirSnap Pro (Image credit: Christine Romero-Chan / iMore)

Ever since I received AirPods Pro from my husband last Christmas, I have been treating them like all of my other Apple products — like a baby. The moment I opened them, I knew I had to get a protective case to keep them (mostly) scuff-free and also make it easier to carry.

You see, as I was scouring the web for some great AirPods Pro cases to recommend to you, dear reader, the TwelveSouth AirSnap Pro caught my attention at once. Our own Lory Gil reviewed the twill version of the original AirSnap case for the first and second-generation AirPods, and highly recommended them. So when I saw that TwelveSouth were coming out with the leather AirSnap Pro for AirPods Pro, it was an "instabuy" for me.

I pre-ordered my pair of AirSnap Pro on Christmas day, and received them around January 13. There was a slight delay in the pre-orders, as TwelveSouth has been tweeting to customers that "the first batch of inventory was damaged, so they were waiting for another batch in order to fulfill preorders."

So while I had to wait a bit longer to receive my black AirSnap Pro case, the result is well worth it.

Carry your AirPods Pro in style

TwelveSouth AirSnap Pro: Features

Back hinge of TwelveSouth AirSnap Pro

Back hinge of TwelveSouth AirSnap Pro (Image credit: Christine Romero-Chan / iMore)

If you have already dropped about $250 on a pair of AirPods Pro, the least you can do is give it some high-quality protection. With the AirSnap Pro, that's exactly what you get.

A premium design for your AirPods Pro Perfect combo of leather and metal

The AirSnap Pro is made from genuine, premium top-grain leather that just feels incredibly nice, and it gives you extra grip on your AirPods Pro compared to the bare charging case. While the leather may feel a bit stiff when you first receive it, I've noticed that it just gets softer the more you use or carry it around. It's like any other leather product — the more you use it, the better it gets.

TwelveSouth AirSnap Pro logo on metal snap

TwelveSouth AirSnap Pro logo on metal snap (Image credit: Christine Romero-Chan / iMore)

The metal snap enclosure is located on the front of the case, and it's even emblazoned with the TwelveSouth logo. It's incredibly easy to open and close the metal snap, and it gives you a nice click to make sure that it's fully shut and your AirPods Pro are secure. Even if it's not snapped shut, your AirPods Pro case will be nice and snug, so it won't just fall out.

TwelveSouth AirSnap Pro open

TwelveSouth AirSnap Pro open (Image credit: Christine Romero-Chan / iMore)

When you open the AirSnap Pro, you can easily pull back the top half of the case to get to your AirPods Pro. To give such quick and easy access, there are two discreet cuts on the left and right side of the back that create a "hinge" in the center. This makes it effortless to open your AirPods Pro, and the top half won't "stick" to your AirPods Pro charging case like many other options out there.

Protection without sacrifices Convenience for all

Bottom opening on TwelveSouth AirSnap Pro

Bottom opening on TwelveSouth AirSnap Pro (Image credit: Christine Romero-Chan / iMore)

If you prefer to charge your AirPods Pro via a Lightning cable, don't worry! There's an opening at the bottom that allows full access to the Lightning port for you to charge your AirPods Pro. However, the leather case also works with wireless chargers, so you can just set your AirPods Pro in AirSnap Pro on your favorite wireless charger, and it will still work. The only problem is that the charging light is underneath the front flap where the metal snap is, so you won't be able to tell that it's charging unless you open it and take a peek.

TwelveSouth includes two carrying options for the AirSnap Pro: an S-clip carabiner or a nylon wristlet. The S-clip carabiner is like a traditional single carabiner, except it's essentially split up into two halves. So you use on half to clip onto the AirSnap Pro, and the other to your belt loop, keys, purse or bag, or whatever else you usually clip things onto. The S-clip works nicely because the clip won't ever be upside-down by the end of the day, which is an issue that may arise with a traditional carabiner clip.

If you opt to use the nylon wristlet, you'll just loop it into the metal D-ring on the side of the case. The nylon wristlet is a good way to carry the AirPods Pro with you on walks or runs, where you may not have anything for the S-clip to attach to.

An elegant solution for your AirPods Pro

TwelveSouth AirSnap Pro: What I Like

My favorite thing about the AirSnap Pro is the S-clip, hands down. I love the fact that each half of the S-clip serves a purpose, and it provides a much more consistent and pleasant experience overall. I have other AirPods Pro cases that are silicone and have a single loop metal carabiner, and by the end of the day, it always feels like the loop ends up upside down when I go to remove it from my belt loop.

I don't have this problem with the AirSnap Pro because of the well-designed S-clip carabiner. It's always right-side up by the end of the day, and I don't need to fumble with it to remove or clip it on. In fact, I may want to put an S-clip onto everything that could benefit from it from now on.

Christine wears the TwelveSouth AirSnap Pro on her belt loop

Christine wears the TwelveSouth AirSnap Pro on her belt loop (Image credit: Christine Romero-Chan / iMore)

Another thing that I love is the fact that it works with wireless charging flawlessly. Each night, I put it on the wireless charger on my nightstand before bed, and each morning I wake up to a fully charged AirPods Pro case. I prefer to use the Lightning cable for my iPhone 11 Pro instead, so the fact that I don't even need to take my AirPods Pro out of the AirSnap Pro to charge wirelessly is a huge win.

And as a fan of leather goods, the AirSnap Pro is made from some high-quality leather, and it just feels even better over time.

Small inconveniences don't mar the overall experience

TwelveSouth AirSnap Pro: What I Don't Like

Christine holds up the TwelveSouth AirSnap Pro

Christine holds up the TwelveSouth AirSnap Pro (Image credit: Christine Romero-Chan / iMore)

It's a very minor thing, but it's a bit unfortunate that if you need to reset your AirPods Pro, you'll need to take the charging case out of the AirSnap Pro since it does not provide an access point on the back of the case. Of course, this will probably rarely come up, but it's just worth noting.

And while I like the S-clip design, I didn't have the previous version of AirSnap, so I can't compare it to the older clip. However, the clip on the previous version was non-removable, though it would always be right-side-up since it was permanently attached to the top of the AirSnap case. If you had the previous AirSnap and liked the clip on that one, you may or may not like the change to the S-clip carabiner for AirSnap Pro.

While the price for the AirSnap Pro was not an issue for me, some may gawk at the price, considering that there are plenty of other case options for your AirPods Pro that are considerably cheaper. But TwelveSouth is known for quality, and after testing the AirSnap Pro for a few weeks, I can attest to the premium experience they bring to the table.

Your AirPods Pro deserve premium protection and convenience

TwelveSouth AirSnap Pro: The Bottom Line

I mean you dropped $250 for AirPods Pro, don't you think they deserve to be in something just as premium as they are? The AirSnap Pro is the perfect case to get if you want something that is high quality and made with genuine top-grain leather that just ages incredibly well the more you use it. The metal snap enclosure is simple and secure, the case has easy access to both wired and wireless charging, and there are two additional ways to carry it for your convenience. Just keep in mind that you need to remove the AirPods Pro from the case if you need to reset them, and the clip is different from the original version.

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