Pad & Quill 80 Year Lowry Cuff Band for Apple WatchSource: Pad & Quill

What you need to know

  • It's made from 80 year old fully restored vegetable tanned leather.
  • Only 197 of these were made, and each one is stamped and discreetly signed.
  • They cost $195 each.

Pad & Quill has just launched a new limited release product — 80 Year Lowry Cuff Apple Watch Bands. It's made from 80 year old fully restored vegetable tanned leather. There are only 197 of these made, and each one is stamped, making it unique. These new limited release cuff bands cost $195.

80 Year Lowry Cuff Band Apple WatchSource: Pad & Quill

For those who are unfamiliar with Pad & Quill, the company is well known fo their beautifully crafted leather bags, iPhone and iPad cases, luxurious Apple Watch bands, and more. We've reviewed a few of their products here at iMore before, including the Bella Fino iPhone 11 Pro Case and their Woodline case. Their products are exquisite and high calibur quality, and this new 80 Year Lowry Cuff is no exception.

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This is a special cuff band, as Pad & Quill found an 80-year-old stash of vegetable tanned leather in Europe and fully restored it. The Lowry Cuff Band itself is gorgeous and perfect for minimalists. It features a soft leather interior lining and is carefully stitched together with a UV resistant stitching. It comes in 42/44mm sizes for all generations of Apple Watch, which should fit 125-225mm wrists.

Each 80 Year Lowry Cuff Band is stamped with a numberSource: Pad & Quill

Since this is a very limited batch of restored aged leather, each cuff is stamped "X of 197," so each one is completely unique. It's also discreetly signed by the Artisan who made the cuff, adding to the distinctiveness. And even though this is a limited release, you'll still get a 25-year leather warranty, so these are built to last. These Lowry Cuff bands also come with a small tin of P&Q's legendary oil balm to help keep the leather nice and supple.

If you're worried about cuff style bands getting in the way of the Apple Watch's functionality, don't worry. The Lowry Cuff Band has an unobstructed Apple Watch Optical Pulse Sensor (PCB) opening, so you'll still be able to get all the benefits of wearing Apple Watch. It's also been constructed to contour with your wrist, so it won't feel stiff or uncomfortable.

Since the 80 Year Lowry Cuff Band is a limited release with only 197 of them made, you'll want to hurry if you want to snatch one up. These would also make a great gift for the holidays.

$195 at Pad & Quill

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