Palm webOS 1.3.1 Did NOT Restore iTunes Sync, but is That the Least of Their Worries?

Sure, okay, since Palm has been faking iPod status to provide iTunes sync for a while now, and Apple has been updating iTunes to stop them every chance they get, when a new version of Palm's webOS comes out and it DOES NOT re-enable that sync, it's news. Right?

So, to be clear, neither the newly introduced Palm Pixi candybar or the just-updated Palm Pre can sync with iTunes 9.0.2 (though older versions of iTunes 9 might still work).

Meanwhile,'s own Derek Kessler has a <a href=" up covering why iTunes sync is pretty much the last thing Palm should be worried about right now, given how much work they still have to do in other areas of webOS and their devices:

Here’s the problem: the standout part of the Pre is the webOS operating system, and even that has some glaring shortcomings. But I’ll start with the hardware, which simply put is unacceptably inferior.

He quite rightly rails against the lack of a native SDK, something iPhone users suffered through for a year. Of course, this gets the iPhone part of the blame:

But I’m afraid that Apple has also changed the mobile computing space for the worse on the features front. Apple made it acceptable to launch a phone without all the standard phone features intact.

Derek excuses Apple somewhat, the iPhone being their first foray into the smartphone space. He's not as forgiving with Palm, who've had decades of Pilot and Treo experience.

Given Palm's financial position and the limits of all human resources, I'll ask on their behalf what I asked on the iPhone's in 2007 - what feature that was implemented would you have had them not implement, so they could have implemented something else instead? Would you have waited 2 years for cut and paste so you could have a great music app at launch?

Give the full rant a read and let us know what you think!

Rene Ritchie

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