PayPal launches Digital Gifts store, now selling iTunes vouchers

PayPal may be an eBay users best friend, but it's also branching out into selling digital gift cards, and Apple is the new service's first partner. In the U.S, PayPal's new Digital Gifts store will now sell you iTunes Store gift cards using your PayPal account.

Buying the iTunes vouchers is easy. You select the one you want, enter your PayPal account details to pay and then enter the Apple ID details of the person you want to send the voucher to. If you deal a lot in PayPal this could be a great way to send a gift this Christmas.

PayPal has also said that more gift cards will be available soon, as well as offering deals. Hopefully it'll also expand beyond U.S. shores before too long. This sound like a good option for anyone buying gifts this holiday season?

Source: PayPal via The Next Web

Richard Devine

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