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No matter how prevalent smartphones, tablets, and computers are these days, the pen will always remain mightier than the keyboard. Nothing can compare to the feeling of putting pen to paper and the act of scribbling down on something so tangible. If you happen to still value handwriting but can't bear throwing out pens once they run out of ink, consider picking up the Omega AXL Inkless Pen, a.k.a. the last pen you'll ever need.

Whether you're writing a check, jotting down grocery lists, or recording your thoughts in a journal, this pen can accommodate all your writing needs. Unlike traditional pens, this Mother Nature-approved writing instrument features an AXL-METAL tip that doesn't require sharpening and won't run out — ever. The tip expels a grey line that won't smudge or erase, while the shaft is crafted out of anodized aluminum to allow for comfortable writing, even for extended periods.

Usually retailing for $50, you can now pick up this pen for only $19.99. That nets you a savings of 60 percent.

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