Phone different Podcast 16

CTIA threw us off a week, which was a shame because there wasn't any iPhone news there at all. There is plenty of other news though: Flash, 3G, and the Pwnage of the iPhone's Firmware. Listen in!


  • Flash
    • Will it won't it?
    • What's the deal, really?
    • These rumors will never end
  • Multitasking revisited
  • Gaming
    • iPhone vs. psp vs ds
    • Quake!
  • Countdown to 3G
    • Kevin Rose 1 and Kevin Rose 2
    • Inventory Low?
    • ATT CEO: In Months
    • Mossberg says in 60 days, Just Kidding!
    • More Roundup
    • In black?
    • Wait-a-thon drop pool
  • iPhone 2.0
    • Pwned
    • 1.2 is now 2.0
    • pwnage tool released
  • iPhone Cthulhu

How To

You should really check out Meebo, in our opinion it's the best of the Web App IM sites.

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