Phone different Podcast 17

This week on the Phone different podcast we compensate for Mike's absence by bringing on PD Writers Chad Garrett, Brian Hart, and Rene Ritchie. We talk up iPhone 2.0, iPhone 3G, and discuss what's wrong with Canada. Listen in!


  • Beta News
    • search - Bluetooth and GPS?
    • Save Web Images
    • iChat
  • 3G Craziness
    • WWDC?
    • Multiple Form Factors and maybe even a shuffle form factor
    • The Big Hands-On Story
    • Weird confluence of international rumors and 3g rumors, eh?,
      • Price drops (and EOL?) in Europe. France and UK specifically
      • Italy
      • Belgium too
  • Around the World, Around the World
    • Australia
    • Not so much with the Australia
    • India
    • Oh, Canada... but maybe it's not all that bad?
  • Nike + iPhone Coming
  • Apple Raking in Cash
  • Any other stories folks might want to grab

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