Phone different Podcast 19

This week Mike and Dieter discuss the continuing iPhone 3G drama -- could it be that Apple plans to just sell the thing unlocked and let carriers do what they will rebate-wise via iTunes?

He needs glasses.

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Mike is old: he needs glasses to read his iPhone:

  • iPhone 3G: June 9th, Available on June 19th
  • 3G speeds getting 3Gier, No, seriously, really fast
  • Around the world, iPhone Risk. Canada too?!
  • Refurbs are cheap, Casey gives us an unboxing
  • iPhone vs. BB Bold
  • Music companies still suck

How To

Jailbroken apps


  • 99 cent case sale still going on


  • Per the comments on PDPC 18, we're sticking with Phone different podcast, although "iPhlog Different podcast" form tschertz01 is awfully tempting!
    • Forum taking a bit longer than we'd hoped, but should be any day now
    • Keep an eye on the iPhone Blog for an update to the Wait-a-Thon contest. I'll be announcing a SLEW of winners (haven't been picking them on a regular basis) as well as announcing the details on our iPhone 3G givewaway
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  • Hi Guys,
    I have an interesting article about the iPhone, here.
    I really like your version of how the 3G iphone can get activated. I hope its indeed unlocked.