Phone different Podcast 22

Ready for iPhone 3G yet? Mike and Dieter run down the run-up to the iPhone 3G as of our recording on Monday. Plenty to mull over -- plus your comments and forum posts!


  • iPhone 3G spotted in the wild
  • The line has started in NYC hippies!
  • iPhone 2.0
    • iPhone 2.0 to sport secure erase,
    • could it support mms?
    • Games we like
  • Rogers Craziness continues
    • Final Rate Plans finally appear
    • A user revolt!
    • Rogers goes into PR Panic Mode
    • Apple pissed and shortchanging Rogers?
  • Minimum transaction at $250
  • iTunes News
    • Activation via special version of iTunes.
    • iPhone Remote!!



Comments from the last podcast


Just one from CrackBerry Kevin:

just listening to the george carlin like rogers spawned swearing..effing funny guys  :) just bout pissed my pants...came outta nowhere

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