Get unlimited 5G data for only $5 a month at Boost Mobile

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New Boost Mobile customers will get unlimited 5G data for $5 (opens in new tab) over the first three months of their contract, giving them a massive 66% saving over what they'd typically pay.

Boost Mobile will only charge you $5 monthly for the first three months of service. They'll even toss in some nice extras, like a free SIM kit, mobile hotspot, and then they'll send it to you with free shipping. You'll save over $100, making it a great way to get a cheap cell phone plan and dip your toes into the 5G water if you haven't already (they're lovely and fast, I promise).

Boost Mobile uses the AT&T network to get excellent coverage and incredibly quick 4G and 5G data speeds depending, of course, on where you are. You'll need to bring your own phone for this deal, so make sure your phone is 5G ready. It'll also need to be unlocked, otherwise, you'll stick your shiny new Boost Mobile SIM into your phone and find that you won't be able to use those 5G speeds - or much else for that matter. If you need a new handset, Boost Mobile has you covered, with some great deals on iPhones as well (opens in new tab).

This Boost Mobile deal is currently only for brand new customers - if you're already signed up to Boost Mobile, I'm afraid you're out of luck with this one. You should also note that as soon as the first three months are up, it's going straight back up to $45 a month - so don't sign anything until you're sure you want to go all in.

Of course, you're going to want one of the best iPhones to go with your new plan, and maybe even a shiny new best iPhone 13 case if you're opting for the latest model.

Stop overpaying for unlimited data

3 months of unlimited data | $5 a month at Boost (opens in new tab)

3 months of unlimited data | $5 a month at Boost (opens in new tab)
New Boost Mobile customers can save 66% on their first three months of cell service. Sign up here and get unlimited super fast 5G data for only $5 a month for the first three months. You'll also get a free SIM kit and free shipping. Just be aware that this is only for the first three months - when those first three are over, then it'll go up to $45 per month.

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