Glass On IpadSource: Daniel Agee

What you need to know

  • Glass has a new iPad app, bringing the photo sharing service to more devices.
  • Glass is extending the two-week free trial for both new and existing users.

Glass is a popular photo sharing app and until now, it's been iPhone only. That's all changing however and a new iPad version of the app can be downloaded right now.

Glass has been around on iPhone for a little while now and while some might argue that it's similar to Instagram, it's actually quite different. You won't find photos of sandwiches, for example. Glass is all about photography and that's borne out by the subscription element. Glass isn't free and costs $4.99 per month or $29.99 for the year. There's a two-week free trial and that's being extended to everyone as part of this iPad launch, too. New users get four weeks total, existing users get two weeks free — pretty cool!

Glass is coming to iPad! Nothing feels quite like it — it's so easy to get lost in your feed or a Category. Total immersion in the photography. iPad has immediately become our favorite way to experience Glass. We have more we want to talk about, but go download it right now and then come back.

Glass is a great option for people who are tired of watching Instagram turn into somewhere people post average photos of boring things. With Glass, every seems like a work of art and is, frankly, way beyond anything I'm ever likely to create. But if you're a photographer and you want to share your work, Glass is a great place to be. It isn't a bad place to just browse the results of everyone else's creativity, either.

Glass for iPhone and iPad can be downloaded from the App Store now.

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