Pitch Perfect: Practical Advice from Professional Bloggers

Longtime Apple reviewers and bloggers Steven Sande and Erica Sadun of TUAW fame have followed up their excellent first book, Talking to Siri, with a title purpose-written for developers and manufacturers seeking just their kind of attention.

Called Pitch Perfect: Practical Advice from Professional Bloggers, this is how Steve and Erica pitch it to perfection:

Reviews from popular websites can make or break your product. So why do so many developers throw opportunities away? Some devs work on their apps and hardware for months or years and then send in weak, quickly written pitches that fail to sell their excitement. These two-minute e-mails and months-in-development ideas quickly move from the blogger’s inbox to the trashcan rather than getting featured on the front page of a site.

In this short ebook, you'll learn from experts and noted bloggers Erica Sadun and Steven Sande about the successful pitch. You'll discover how to effectively position and sell your app's story. Sure, you still won't be guaranteed any positive reviews, but you'll learn how to avoid many of the most common pitfalls that send your message off-track.

Remember this: most web site staff members are passionate about good apps and accessories. They want to love your product as much as you do—but if you don't tell them why, your pitch will be lost among the hundreds that sites receive daily. Having your product featured on a top website in a positive light turns sales from lackluster to blockbuster.

This ebook offers simple and practical advice with real-world examples. The topics discussed will help you strengthen the way you think about promotion and marketing. You'll see where other developers have gone wrong and where they've gotten it exactly right, lessons that you can apply to your own marketing efforts with real world examples and success stories.

Before iMore, I worked for over a decade in marketing, and I can't stress enough how important it is, and how often developers and manufacturers either forget to do it or simply do it dead wrong. If you're a developer or a manufacturer, especially and independent or a kickstarter, do yourself -- and us, the bloggers -- a favor and check out Pitch Perfect: Practical Advice from Professional Bloggers.

(They've also shipped a third book, Getting Ready for Mountain Lion: Prepare to Pounce on Apple's newest OS X release (iPad edition) so if you're as much into OS X and iOS, make sure you give that a look as well.)

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