Podcast Chapters App HeroSource: Fredrik Björeman

What you need to know

  • Popular app Podcast Chapters is now free.
  • The app also includes support for the new Podcasting 2.0 namespace chapter file format.

Popular podcasting app Podcast Chapters is now available for free for the first time on the Mac App Store. The app, which helps podcasters add chapters to their files, is now a free download with an in-app purchase available.

New users downloading Podcast Chapters will be able to add five chapters per file for absolutely free. Anyone who needs more chapters than that can pick up the in-app purchase for $19.99.

Podcast Chapters App Dark ModeSource: Fredrik Björeman

Want to make it easy for your listeners to tap directly through to sponsors? Skip over spoilers if they aren't caught up? See what's coming up in your episode? Let Podcast Chapters help. With Podcast Chapters you can add MP3 chapter markets to your MP3 files, supported by most podcast clients, including Apple Podcasts!

Adding podcast chapters is super easy and can sometimes be a case of dragging a file and nothing more.

Simply drag your MP3 onto the app, add chapters, images, URLs and more, hit export and be done. If your editing software supports chapter markers, they will be imported too, and you can also import chapters from files if that suits your workflow better.

You can download the updated Podcast Chapters from the Mac App Store for free right now.

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