Podcastle On IphoneSource: Podcastle.ai

What you need to know

  • Podcastle is a new app for iPhone that makes it easy to create podcasts on the go.
  • Podcastle creates local recordings that can then be edited together to preserve audio quality.
  • You can even schedule your podcast recording via Podcastle.

If you're someone who needs to record a podcast on their iPhone and wants their guests to also create local recordings for the best possible quality, you need to try Podcastle.

Everyone knows that recording podcats are fraught with danger. If you record from one side of the call you run the risk of a spotty internet connection ruining the quality. But getting guests to create local recordings can be a pain. That's where Podcastle can come in so useful because not only does it help people record their side of the podcast remotely, but it automatically uploads it ready for the host to edit, too.

Remote interview recording has never been easier. Podcastle records each of your guests with a separate track, ensuring you don't confront any problems during the editing process. It also records all the participants locally, keeping the quality of the guest's audio as high as it can be by avoiding dependence on internet connection.

Need to set your podcast guest up with a date and time to be ready to go? Podcastle even has a calendaring feature built-in that will take care of all of that as well!

Available in the App Store, Podcastle is free and the service behind it is free to get started, too. You can download Podcastle and take it for a spin for yourself right now. You can learn more about the Podcastle service over at its website, too. This might just be the best iPhone app for podcasters yet.

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