The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the FCC is set to announce what amounts to "net neutrality" today, something that will make users and technology companies like Google, Amazon, and Apple's iTunes ecstatic, while roshambo'ing Big Telco right where it hurts.

Basically, net neutrality means data carriers like cable and DLS providers and wireless/mobile telephone companies can't restrict what travels over their lines or airwaves. Data is data. Disallow SlingPlayer or Skype? Sorry, not allowed.

It's not all good news for consumers, however, as carriers like the iPhone's AT&T are already buckling under the existing data load, and allowing bandwidth gulping apps like SlingPlayer could bring down more towers, faster. It could also cause Big Telco to respond by raising their rates.

Also, the proposal would only prevent networks from blocking legitimate websites and services, not those deemed illegitimate (i.e. torrent sites).

Of course, an FCC proposal is a long way from a new network order, and AT&T and other ISPs, as well as those who oppose government regulation on principle, will likely continue to oppose it.

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