Pop Out Timer ScreenshotSource: iMore

What you need to know

  • Timer and stopwatch app Pop Out Timer has been updated to support timers while music and video are playing.
  • New changes to how the timer works mean people can now use them while working out and more.

Pop Out Timer, a stopwatch and timer app for iPhone and iPad, has been updated with a relatively minor change that makes a big difference to the way people can use it. With the new update installed, people can now set timers even when watching a video or playing music. I've written about the app before, but now it's better than ever.

Previously, that wasn't possible and it meant that using Pop Out Timer while working out, for example, wasn't always something people could do. That all changes with this update, allowing people to run a timer alongside a YouTube video while working out or listening to their power playlist, for example. If you previously couldn't use Pop Out Timer because of this limitation, this update changes the game entirely.

Finally! You can now use Pop Out Timer while listening to music or watching other videos. It won't unexpectedly pause. Enjoy!

All of the existing use cases still work great, of course. Using a timer for a presentation, for example, works a treat. Thanks to this update, whatever the use case, you can now keep track of time in a little window on your iPhone and iPad — no matter what else you happen to be doing.

Pop Out Timer can be downloaded from the App Store right now. It's available as a one-time $3.99 purchase and works on both iPhone and iPad.

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