Popsockets Magsafe Popmount VentSource: PopSockets

What you need to know

  • PopSockets has announced two new MagSafe car mounts.
  • One mount attaches to car vents, the other is designed for sticking to surfaces.

PopSockets has announced two new MagSafe car mounts designed for iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 with both using the power of magnets to hold the device in place while driving.

The first, the PopMount Car Vent Mount, is exactly what it sounds like. Designed to be easily attached and detached from an iPhone, the mount clips onto vertical, horizontal, and even angled air vents.

PopMount Car Vent for MagSafe easily and securely clips onto vertical, horizontal, and angled air vents, holding your phone in place while driving down the street for an errand or across the country on a road trip. For additional phone security, attachment prongs can be rotated to hold onto thick or thin air vents. With the PopMount Car Vent for MagSafe, your phone now has a perfect place for a GPS or easy song shuffle!

The PopMount Car Vent Mount is available from PopSockets right now and is priced at $30.

Popsockets Magsafe Popmount SurfaceSource: PopSockets

Next up is the PopMount Surface for MagSafe and it's designed to be attached to any surface via a strong 3M VHB adhesive. You can even use this thing in the kitchen, bathroom, or anywhere else for that matter.

PopMount Surface for MagSafe easily holds your phone in place and fits perfectly in any kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or locker. Any time, anywhere, you can rely on the PopMount Surface for MagSafe to properly secure your phone. Whether it's for that perfect photo angle in the best lighting, or hands-free help when making the latest TikTok recipe, the products strong 3M VHB adhesive sticks to almost any surface

Want to up your TikTok game? You can order the PopMount Surface for MagSafe direct from PopSockets now, priced at just $20.

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