PopSockets PopGrip Jumpstart review: Pop it and charge it!

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Bottom line: The PopGrip Jumpstart gives you a 2200mAh battery that doubles as a PopSocket phone grip. It has a charging cable tucked inside for convenience, and it is swappable with your other PopSockets, including MagSafe.


  • +

    Convenient 2200mAh battery doubles as a phone grip

  • +

    Charging cable tucked inside

  • +

    Interchangeable with other PopSockets PopGrips

  • +

    Small and compact size

  • +

    LED light changes color to indicate status


  • -

    Bulkier than standard PopGrip

  • -

    Limited battery capacity

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You probably have heard of a PopSocket, even if you don't personally use them. They're pretty much everywhere these days, and you can find them in various designs, from solid colors to pop culture references to premium enamel and more. PopSockets even have wallets, lip balm grips, and other unique products.

Though PopSockets has been around since 2012, I only really got into them within the past few years, ever since they introduced the PopGrip for MagSafe. Previously, I always thought these things were silly and just for the kids, but as the PopGrip for MagSafe became an everyday staple for me, I now can't live without these things. The PopSocket just makes it so much easier to hold my phone, especially when taking selfies.

But there are times when I'm at Disneyland and need to charge my phone, so I pop on a MagSafe battery pack on my iPhone 13 Pro. But this then makes it harder for me to hold my phone or take a selfie. Thankfully, PopSockets has come up with the new PopGrip Jumpstart, which is a small battery pack that doubles as a PopGrip.

PopSockets PopGrip Jumpstart: Price and availability

Popsockets Popgrip Jumpstart Back

Popsockets Popgrip Jumpstart Back (Image credit: Christine Romero-Chan / iMore)

At the moment, the PopSockets PopGrip Jumpstart is only available direct from the PopSockets website. However, since PopSockets products eventually make their way down to most big-name retailers, you may see the Jumpstart available at places like Best Buy and Target at some point. It only comes in one color at the moment: black. However, there are two versions of the Jumpstart: Lightning and USB-C. The PopSockets PopGrip Jumpstart costs $35 for both versions.

PopSockets PopGrip Jumpstart: A unique product of convenience

Popsockets Popgrip Jumpstart In Hand

Popsockets Popgrip Jumpstart In Hand (Image credit: Christine Romero-Chan / iMore)

The PopSockets PopGrip Jumpstart is a pill-shaped battery pack with a 2200mAh capacity. The shape of it is pretty much the same as the PopGrip for MagSafe, though slightly thicker to account for the battery. The part that attaches to a PopGrip base sits at the top, and you can remove the base that it comes with to use it with an existing PopGrip base that you already have. For example, I am using my PopSockets PopGrip Jumpstart with my PopGrip for MagSafe and have no issues with it.

With the PopSockets PopGrip Jumpstart, you can choose from Lightning or USB-C. For this review, I chose Lightning because I use an iPhone 13 Pro daily. The charging cable wraps around most of the Jumpstart, and it tucks itself away when not in use. When you need it, just pull it out from the top, and the length of it is perfect for just reaching the charging port on the iPhone without any extra wire.

The Jumpstart is swappable with other PopGrips and has an integrated Lightning or USB-C cable.

The Jumpstart charges up via USB-C, and PopSockets includes a relatively short USB-C cable for that purpose. However, since it takes USB-C for input, you can use any USB-C cable that you already have. You'll find an LED status indicator towards the bottom, right on the power button, that will let you know how much juice is left with red, orange, and green colored lights. When you plug the Jumpstart into your best iPhone, just push the button to turn it on.

Popsockets Popgrip Jumpstart Magsafe Popgrip Compare

Popsockets Popgrip Jumpstart Magsafe Popgrip Compare (Image credit: Christine Romero-Chan / iMore)

Since the PopSockets PopGrip Jumpstart only has a 2200mAh capacity, it isn't designed to fully charge up a dead iPhone from zero to 100%. Instead, with the limited capacity due to size, it should be enough for about 50% charge, depending on your iPhone model. It's more about being able to keep your iPhone going while you're away from a charger while also providing extra grip to hold your phone comfortably. Of course, with the smaller capacity, it also doesn't take very long to charge the PopSockets PopGrip Jumpstart fully — all you need is about an hour and a half.

Despite only having a 2200mAh capacity, it's still incredibly convenient to charge and still have a phone grip to use.

In real-world use, the PopSockets PopGrip Jumpstart feels a little bulkier than a standard PopGrip, but that's because it has to be (it's a battery, after all). Despite the size, though, I still found it comfortable enough to use my iPhone, and I appreciated being able to have a phone grip attached while still being able to charge my phone without the need for a separate power bank and cable. Of course, the Jumpstart will not be replacing my standard PopGrip, but it will be a nice addition to have when I need to juice up a bit, especially at Disneyland.

And while I personally use the PopSockets PopGrip Jumpstart with the MagSafe PopGrip, you can use it with the standard PopGrip bases with adhesive. This means that even if you don't have the iPhone 12 or iPhone 13 with MagSafe, you can have a portable battery that attaches to the back of your non-MagSafe iPhone and charge with the attached cable. It's not as elegant as MagSafe, but it is an easier solution that having to juggle a long cable while you're out and about. Plus, it has a built-in phone grip and stands.

PopSockets PopGrip Jumpstart: A little bulkier than the standard PopGrip

Popsockets Popgrip Jumpstart Iphone 13 Pro Magsafe

Popsockets Popgrip Jumpstart Iphone 13 Pro Magsafe (Image credit: Christine Romero-Chan / iMore)

My only complaints about the PopSockets PopGrip Jumpstart are the bulkiness and capacity. Of course, the first issue isn't something that can be easily fixed, considering what the product is — a power bank PopGrip. With that in mind, this product needs to be a little bulkier than the normal PopGrips that are a dime-a-dozen because it's packing in a whole battery in there! You can't really have something smaller that also powers up your phone, can you?

There's no denying that it's a tad bulkier than other PopGrips, and it only provides about an extra 50% charge.

The other issue is battery capacity. It's only 2200mAh, which is less than half of most MagSafe battery packs, as they usually have around 5000mAh. So if you were hoping that the Jumpstart would take your iPhone from dead all the way to full, unfortunately, you're not going to get that. But again, the Jumpstart was not meant for that — it's for being able to conveniently charge your phone while still giving you the freedom to move around and making it comfortable to hold. Plus, it certainly helps on those selfie-heavy days.

PopSockets PopGrip Jumpstart: Competition

Anker Maggo 633 Charging Stand Review

Anker Maggo 633 Charging Stand Review (Image credit: Adam Oram / iMore)

Due to the unique nature of the PopSockets PopGrip Jumpstart, there isn't a direct competitor on the market that combines battery pack with a phone grip and stand. But if you have a MagSafe-compatible iPhone, there is no shortage of great MagSafe battery packs out there. One of my personal favorites is the Anker MagGo 633. This is a 4-in-1 MagSafe charging stand for your iPhone 12 or iPhone 13 and wireless earbuds, like AirPods. But the best part is the detachable battery pack that you can take with you everywhere, and it's pretty much always going to be topped off if you remember to put it back in the stand when you get home. However, while it's a great portable battery, you won't have a phone grip with it, and it's significantly more expensive than the PopSockets PopGrip Jumpstart.

If you don't have a MagSafe iPhone but still want a portable battery pack that comes with integrated cables, you might want to consider something like the mophie Powerstation Plus XL, which comes in 10000mAh capacity and it has wireless charging and an integrated micro-USB and Lightning cable.

PopSockets PopGrip Jumpstart: Should you buy it?

Popsockets Popgrip Jumpstart Holding

Popsockets Popgrip Jumpstart Holding (Image credit: Christine Romero-Chan / iMore)

You should buy this if ...

  • You're a PopSockets user
  • You want to charge your iPhone while having a phone grip
  • You don't have a MagSafe iPhone

You shouldn't buy this if...

  • You don't like PopSockets
  • You need a larger capacity battery
  • You don't need a phone grip on your battery

If you've ever been in a situation where you wish you could charge your phone and use a phone grip at the same time, then the PopSockets PopGrip Jumpstart is a great product to consider. As long as you don't mind a little extra bulk on your PopSocket, the convenience of having both a battery pack and a phone grip at the same time is great if you're spending a day at a place like Disneyland. It's also just a nice way to comfortably use your device while juicing it up to last through the rest of your day. Plus, with an integrated cable, you don't even need to worry about bringing a cable along with you, and the Jumpstart can swap out with your existing PopSockets PopTops and PopGrips, including the MagSafe line. You don't even need a MagSafe-compatible iPhone to be able to use the Jumpstart either, because, like other PopSockets products, it comes with a base for you.

The only thing you need to keep in mind is the fact that this will be bulkier than the standard PopSockets PopGrip. And since the size needs to stay relatively small and compact, the battery capacity is limited to 2200mAh, which is less than half of most portable battery packs, so it's not going to charge your phone from dead to full but just about 50%. Still, it's more about convenience with this product. And for $35, it's really not all that bad.

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