Frostpunk ArtworkSource: 11 bit studios

What you need to know

  • Frostpunk, the popular society survival and city-building sim, is now available for Mac.
  • Frostpunk can be downloaded from the Mac App Store as well as Steam.

The hugely popular society survival and city-building sim Frostpunk is now available for macOS for the first time. Or at least, it will be after a stalled launch saw the game pulled from the Mac App Store. We'll get to that in a moment.

First, the good news. The new game can/will be downloaded from both the Mac App Store and Steam and includes an option to buy the Complete Edition which includes three expansions.

And boy does it look like a great way to spend a lockdown!

"You could say that today hell finally freezes over. Delivering Frostpunk to macOS users took us much more time than initially planned. We are grateful for the patience and all the support we received from our community along the way. And we firmly believe that the wait was worth it." - Aleksander Kauch, Senior Engineering Lead at 11 bit studios.

However, things aren't going as well as they could be. Developer 11 bit studios has confirmed that an issue has caused the app to be removed from sale while a fix is implemented. I'm told that the app should be back in the store tomorrow, though.

Ok, Citizens, this is serious. 👀 We didn't believe that the rumors about some kind of curse related to the macOS release were true - but now we have to admit that something is definitely fishy here. Long story short: just after the release, we became aware that the game has a critical technical/balance issue that makes it impossible to play comfortably. We had to remove Frostpunk from Mac App Store and GOG due to that issue. But we're already working on a fix (it's quite late in Poland already) and the game should be back in the stores tomorrow (fingers crossed!).

You can check out the list of system requirements right here while you wait. You'll be able to download the game from the App Store soon enough.

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