Steam is one of the most popular online gaming stores for gamers everywhere and it's not just for PC, you can enjoy Steam on your Mac too!

Here's how to install and download games using Steam for Mac.

How to install Steam on Mac

In case you haven't installed Steam on your Mac already, here's how.

  1. Go to in your browser.
  2. Click Install Steam.

  3. Click Install Steam Now.
  4. Click the show downloads button. Depending on the browser, this may open automatically when the file finishes downloading.

  5. Double-click on steam.dmg to launch the installer.
  6. Click on Agree button.

  7. Drag Steam into the applications folder.
  8. Exit the window.

How to download a Steam game onto your Mac

  1. Launch Steam from the Launchpad.
  2. Wait for Steam to update.

  3. Tap Create New Account or Log in into an existing account if you have one.
  4. Go through the necessary steps to create an account.

  5. Click Store.
  6. Browse the store for a game you want to download. You'll need to make sure it's compatible with Mac. You'll see the Apple logo on any game that can be played on Mac.

  7. Click on the title you want to download.
  8. Click Add to Cart.

  9. Click Purchase for myself.
  10. Select your payment method.

  11. Fill out your payment information.
  12. Click Continue.

  13. Click the checkbox to agree to the terms.
  14. Click Purchase.

From here your game will begin to download, and you can start playing as soon as it's done, so go nuts!

Anything else you need to know?

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