Mac Pro Being CutSource: Quinn Nelson

What you need to know

  • The Mac Pro's case can't be removed while it's powered on.
  • One user really wanted to be able to do just that.
  • So they took a circular saw to their $6,000 Mac Pro.

The current Mac Pro is the most customizable Mac available and it's focused squarely at those who need to be able to get into their computer and tinker. But there's one glaring problem with that – Mac Pro's case can't be removed while the computer is powered on. And that just wasn't something Quinn Nelson of Snazzy Labs was willing to deal with. So he took a circular saw to the thing.

Now, the idea of doing such a thing is already making me nervous and watching it didn't help, either. The outcome seems to have been surprisingly positive, though. See for yourself.

As if being cut up wasn't enough, that poor Mac Pro also had to suffer the indignity of being attacked in a way no Mac should ever be. It had LED lights attached to it. It's a crime to nature and Jony Ive is probably wincing right now.

But you know what? It actually looks...good?

Mac Pro Led LightingSource: Quinn Nelson

Well, OK at least.

Quinn – I love ya, but please don't make me watch anything like this ever again. I can't afford the therapy!

3d Printed Mac Pro WheelsSource: Quinn Nelson

He does have one thing right, though, and that's the idea of 3D printing some adapters that turn a Mac Pro's feet into wheels. With Apple charging $400 for wheels that don't lock, this is a great option.

And, you know. Cheaper.

Mac Pro: What you need to know