Poutsch for iPhone and iPad review: Ask questions, get answers from friends or from around the world!

Poutsch for iPhone and iPad is a new social service that allows you to ask any question you'd like to either your friends or the entire Poutsch community. You can embed videos and photos as well as links to sources to get an opinion on them. From there the community can answer your polls and debate the topic in one easy to access place. In some ways, Poutsch can function as an online democracy of sorts and double up as a pretty valuable tool for data seekers at the same time.

Upon launching Poutsch you can choose to either register or sign in with Facebook or Twitter. You can then search for friends that already have Poutsch or you can add people already in the community based on who's active. From here you can simply get to asking questions or answering other questions.

Your main feed in Poutsch will show you what questions are being asked. Just tap into one in order to view the question, the options, and to answer it. You can also tag questions accordingly with hashtags in order for users to easier find questions and discussions they're interested in being a part of. If you answer a question on Poutsch you can then join in on debates about that topic and add some personal input.

As far as notifications go, you can be notified on Poutsch when people answer your questions, when they respond to something you're debating, and more.

The good

  • Great design that's easy to navigate
  • Ability to upload an image or other type of media along with your question which makes for content with more value
  • Great resource for those that don't want to pay for data

The bad

  • No complains

The bottom line

Poutsch is a great way to find answers to questions whether you just want an opinion or you're a student doing research on a specific topic. Data aggregation is getting easier and easier and Poutsch is a great example of how accessing different types of data is becoming more available to the masses every day.

Allyson Kazmucha

iMore senior editor from 2011 to 2015.