Power1 LifestyleSource: AXS Technologies

What you need to know

  • Power1 is a charging solution for both iPhone and AirPods.
  • A detachable battery pack, the Power1 also charges AirPods in their own little cubby.

Keeping your iPhone 13 and AirPods charged at the same time is no mean feat, especially if you're on the go. That's what AXS Technologies is hoping to change with Power1, a case and battery pack combo that charges iPhones and AirPods at the same time.

Available in white and black for iPhone XR through iPhone 13 Pro Max, the kit costs $99 right now. With the battery compartment removed, this thing looks like most iPhone cases. But it's when you slap the battery pack on — complete with space for AirPods — then the magic happens.

Power1 charges, stores and protects your iPhone and AirPods all in one place, with just one product streamlining power management and protection in an all new way.

A patented station charges your AirPods giving up to 90 hrs of AirPod talk time^ on a single Power1 charge. A magnetic door lock design keeps all of your gear safe secure and with you always.

Power1 DetachedSource: AXS Technologies

The battery pack has a 3,000mAh rating and is charged via USB-C. In fact, that port can fast charge the iPhone, AirPods, and Power1's battery simultaneously.

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This bundle of tricks might just be the best iPhone charging solution yet, if only because it makes sure your AirPods are with you — fully charged — at all times!

Those interested in picking the Power1 up can place a pre-order now, with Winter 2021 listed as the current estimated shipping window.

We've already seen patents that show Apple is working on something similar. Now we don't have to wait!