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Pride 2020

June is Pride Month for the LGBTQ+ community, but you can even support them if you're not. I mean, love is love, friends. But how can you show that you support them? There's a lot of ways, but an easy one is to simply decorate your phone with a snazzy Pride Month wallpaper. Not only do these look good, but others can see you're an ally of the LGBTQ+ community whenever your phone lights up. Here are a few of our favorite Pride Month wallpapers for your iPhone.

Apple Watch Face Pride V1 Ar

Follow the rainbow: Apple Watch Face Pride 2020 v1

AR7 is a popular graphic designer who makes some absolutely stunning wallpapers. This one is designed to match the Pride 2020 Apple Watch face and Pride 2020 Apple Watch band perfectly.

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Apple Watch Face Pride V2 Gradient Ar

Seamlessly blending in: Apple Watch Face Pride 2020 v2

If you're a fan of color gradients, then AR7 also has you covered. This second version of the Apple Watch Face Pride 2020 wallpaper goes for a vertical gradient instead of vertical stripes, and the rainbow colors transition into each other seamlessly.

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Apple Watch Face Pride V3 Gradient Ar

Color wheel: Apple Watch Face Pride 2020 v3

This third version of AR7's Apple Watch Face Pride 2020 has the rainbow colors in a gradient again, but they're coming from the center. Think of it like a color wheel. It's definitely one of my personal favorites.

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Apple Pride 2020 Celebrates Ar

Pride of the lifestyle: Apple Pride 2020 Celebrates

This simple little wallpaper features a cream beige background with a subtle Apple logo. You have various LGBTQ pairings and people going about various activities together.

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Pride Month Dots Wallpapercave

Minimal but powerful: Minimalistic Pride Rainbow Dots

For those who want something minimal and subtle, this wallpaper could do the trick. It is a simple white background with six colored dots, one for each color in the rainbow. Nothing more, nothing less.

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Pride Month Flag Pattern Gocase

Cute flags: Minimalistic Pride Month Flag Pattern

This simple little wallpaper features an off-white background with a repeating pattern of a simple Pride flag. To make things even cooler, you can check out Gocase for other iPhone cases that come with matching wallpapers!

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Pride Month Wallpaper Apple Watch 2018 Wallpapercave

An oldie but goodie: Apple Watch Pride 2018

If you still have the Pride 2018 band for your Apple Watch, then this wallpaper goes with it perfectly! It features a deep black background with six thin stripes for each color in the rainbow, and each on gradually fades out to the black. It's minimalist and sleek.

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Pride Month Sunglasses Wallpapercave

Pride is bright, grab your shades: Pride Month Sunglasses

This one is unique and sure to stand out from the crowd. The background has a rainbow gradient geometric pattern, and in the center is a pair of sunglasses with a dripping rainbow design. It's pretty minimal, but makes a statement at the same time.

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Iphone Pride Iconfactory Corey Marion

Show your stripes: Pride Iconfactory Patreon Wallpaper

The Iconfactory is well known for its amazing design work with apps like Twitterrific, so it's no surprise that they have great wallpapers too. This one is from 2019, but it's still beautiful. Designed by Corey Marion, it features a dark gray background with chunky rainbow stripes going diagonally from bottom left to top right on the screen. The stripes are bold and vibrant, ensuring that you're making a statement. If you enjoy The Iconfactory, then it's well worth subscribing to their monthly Patreon for even more gorgeous wallpapers (and other goods) on a weekly basis!

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Apple Pride Wallpapercave

Apple and Pride together as one: Apple Pride

Of course, if you're looking for Pride Month wallpapers for your iPhone, why not add a touch of Apple to it? This wallpaper features Apple's original rainbow colors in the background, with a white Apple logo in the center of the four-color stripe. It's a good wallpaper that can double for Pride and your love of Apple at the same time.

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Love is love

These are some of our favorite Pride Month wallpapers that we've found online for your iPhone. Do you have any of your own personal favorites? Share them in the comments! And remember, love is love, folks.