iPhone eventSource: Apple

What you need to know

  • Jon Prosser has dates for the new iPhones.
  • The iPhone 12 will come out in October, while the Pro models will be delayed until November.
  • Apple will also release a new Apple Watch and iPad in September.

Jon Prosser is back and with some iPhone dates in hand.

The leaker predicts that Apple will be hosting its iPhone event the week of October 12th, with preorders for the iPhone 12 models kicking off the same week. Apple will begin shipping the devices the following week.

Prosser says that the iPhone 12 Pro models will be pushed back even further, with both preorders and ship dates falling back into the month of November.

He also claims that Apple will announce a new Apple Watch and iPad through press release the week of September 7th and that both devices will be available for order immediately.

Prosser warns that since this year's iPhone release will be staggered and that the Pro models will be delayed even further than the regular models that dates can always change. He does say, however, that "this is the info in the system."

Announcing the new Apple Watch and iPad in a press release instead of including it as part of the fall event would be a departure from previous years for Apple. Normally, the new Apple Watch is always part of the same event as the new iPhone.

Apple confirmed that the launch of the iPhone 12 would be delayed in its recent earnings call with investors, but did specificy the exact new launch dates.