Magic Keyboard for iPad ProSource: IMore

What you need to know

  • The Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro is hot news right now.
  • But it doesn't have a physical Escape key.
  • There's a keyboard shortcut that you can use instead.

You can't turn a corner on the internet right now without tripping over a mention of Apple's hot new Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro. That's because it's a pretty great keyboard, but it's missing one thing that I'd like to see – an Escape key.

USB-C Charging port on the Magic Keyboard for iPad ProSource: IMore

In truth, I didn't realize that it didn't have an escape key until very recently, but it's an odd omission. Not all apps make use of an Escape key but others, do. Cultured Code's Things goes a step further. They list Escape as "Command + ." and you know what? It works, and not just in Things. It can be used to get out of any views that you just want to escape, really.

It's particularly helpful if you're someone who uses their iPad to connect to computers via Screen Sharing or another VNC solution as well.

So I'm here to tell you that if you're missing the Escape key on your brand new $300 keyboard, maybe give Command + . a try.