TiPb Give Away: BeeJive 2.1 for iPhone with FaceBook Chat and Anti-Piracy Combat!

BeeJive makes one of the best instant messenger clients on the iPhone -- or any platform, see our review -- and with version 2.1, it now includes:

  • Support for Facebook IM, including the ability to login from multiple locations, update your buddy picture and Facebook status updates
  • Wallpaper selection inside the application, giving you the ability to select your own wallpaper
  • Performance enhancements

But wait, there's more. It also includes a very creative -- and comedic! -- way of dealing with iPhone App pirates. Sort of a carrot and stick (or baseball bat and axe kick) approach:

We have recently implemented new anti-piracy measures in BeejiveIM for iPhone. We have tried to keep our approach fun with an error message and a video. But we hope our message is clear: please respect the work of developers.

We agree. Go get BeeJiveIM now [iTunes link]. Or, if you really want it for FREE, BeeJive was awesome enough to give us two (2) promo codes to give to you, our equally awesome readers. How can you get your hands on them? Just head on over to our Forums and find out!

Rene Ritchie

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