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Quick App: The Sims 3 for iPhone

We'll avoid the obvious question (why live in a SIM world when you can live in the real one), and the metaphysical (maybe you're just a SIM in someone else's iPhone already...?) because, frankly, no one cares! The Sims 3 is -- finally! -- out for the iPhone and iPod touch:

Play with your Sim using touch and accelerometer controls while exploring stunning 3D open-world environments. Customize your Sim with personality traits and physical characteristics, as you decide whether to fulfill their destiny...or not. Do good or mischief. Fall in love or watch them get dumped. Pick a fight or make a friend. Good or bad, enjoy the ride with The Sims as they experience everything “real” life has to offer. ANYTHING’S POSSIBLE!

If you try it out, and manage to remember the rest of us still exist, let us know how you like the Sims 3 for the iPhone, okay?

[Thanks Andrew for the tip!]

Rene Ritchie

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  • seems roughly the same as Sims 1 (which isnt necessarily a bad thing)! Great graphics however it does get a bit laggy after a while. I'm sure they'll fix it up-worth the download.
  • this game will run so much better on a second gen ipod and the upcoming iphone. My 3g gets laggy
  • I want this for my iMac first. Then I'll see about for my iPhone. I wouldn't even get it for my 3G though since the next gen will have a better professor.
    I hope that game has auto save. I wouldn't want it to crash on my iPhone and lose progress.
  • Isn't this one of the games that was demoed at Mac World? If I remember correctly, it was used to demonstrate in game downloads. If that's true then it could be a harbinger that 3.0 is close.
  • @OmariJames: I see Apple has stepped up their game and will be passing out professor's with their equipment now.
    Too bad I don't get all the hype about The Sims [insert number here]. Just doesn't pique my interest enough to pull me away from Hold'em or other games. Nice to see the iPhone stepping up to the gaming platform plate though :)
  • @CB.
    NIce to see you get off on people making type-o's :)
  • my sims 3 keeps crashing when i start it what should i do
  • I've downloaded the sims 3 today and I didn't have any of the problems above. It works perfectly well. There's no auto save optoon though. Of course it's not as complete as the PC or Mac version, but I really liked it. There's a store in town that's not available, maybe that's where the in game downloads will come from.
  • My sims 3 keeps crashing. It crashes when I try to visit the lake or fish. It crashes when I go to town. The game just closes 100% out and back to my ipod's home screen.
  • just downloaded sims3!!! we'll see how it goes! Fingers Crossed....
  • Just downloaded it a bit ago. I have had no problems with it crashing and have enjoyed it quite a bit. Haven't played enough to give a full review but so far so good!!!
  • Downloaded it earlier and it crashed every minute, pretty much everything I did. Shut my iPhone down and started it back up, played for a good half hour and no crashes. So if you're having crashing problems just shut down and restart and it should work just fine.
    Now my review. Classic sims gameplay. Still messing with things, but if you like the sims chances are you'll like this game. The camera is a little odd at first but once you find a viewing angle you like it feels very nice.
  • hi! downloaded it and works great! however, dunno why can't seem to have a romantic relationship with any of the sims? just bestfriends???? anyone know how to progress? thanks!
  • Once I got to be best friends I started doing things like flirt, flirty joke, express fondness etc. and within a couple minutes we had romance and I could embrace and kiss her. Sadly I was about to fall asleep so I had to ask her to leave.
  • Mine crashes alot too but when it does work it's worth it. I do wish there were more instructions though because so much has changed from other version I've played
  • crash-fest. wait or don't bother.
  • I bought the Sims 3. I love it. It does crashes a ot, but it's worth it. *****
    I want the PC one
  • Same here.... now I want the PC version... this is a blast. Oh, and yes, it crashes about every 15 minutes or so. Sometimes loosing your progress.
  • I've been playing sims since the first demo
    On PC...this is a wonderful addition to the franchise and it's a lot better than the other sims console versions (they were boring)
    Two thumbs up for iphone
  • Got sims 3 a couple of days ago and it crashes loads but the the game's amazing and I'm sure they'll fix the problems on an upgrade so I reacon it's worth it. .
  • Yes it crashes but it's very good in gameplay, I think that it's a myth that the stereo in the game plays from your iPhone libary. This is what was said by ea at macworld.
    People that are talking about a new iPhone, is that the 3.0 update or an entire hardware upgrade???
  • I downloaded the game today. I played for a while but I noticed that u can't have a kid or get married or something like that. That's makes cool game look boring. If somebody knows how to get married or a child tell me plz.
  • if you download it on your computer, then once it synccs, restart your iphone. it wont crash.. i have it and it amazing 5/5
  • I've downloaded the Sims 3 for my iPhone 3G a couple of days ago, and it'll always crash at the lake, when there coming other sims. It also crashes when I visit Theresa's house (or other quite big ones). When I turn off 3G, it will also crash, but less fast. And when I reboot my device, I can play half an hour (max), without crashing. It's very annoying! I think the game asks too much from my device..
    Hint: you earn a lot of money when you're catching fish at the lake and sell it at the quickmart! $100 for each tuna!
  • as long as you restart your iTouch or iPhone after you download the application, it won't crash. i've also heard that buying on your computer and then putting it on your device instead of buying it straight on your device works well too.
    question: how do you "woohoo" with your partner?
  • For my sims three when im trying to make a chratctor and it comes up to the traits and it aasks to pick 5 i can only pick 2 and it wont work can someone please help
  • How can you get the partners to whooHoo ? Its a wish gotta get er done eh
  • Can't peps to marry arghhhh
  • Everytime I want to play, I just restart the phone and go STRAIGHT to The Sims 3. Doing that allows me to play without crashing
  • LOL is it possible to leave the town or open the pawn shop ( for woohoo u have to be romantic till they become it partner then ask them to marry u then get married. I think it only works on certain people. Theresa is my wife. U also have to be satisfied as in well rested, etc)
  • the weird thing is.. it won't download on my ipod touch 2nd generation and i dont know why
  • How do you sell fish at the Quickmarket?
  • select the fish and hit the minus button.
  • How do you have kids I have a partner but I don't know how to get a kid !
  • How do you give something to a sim?
  • i bought the sims 3 on my ipod touch the first day it came out and no crashes. . . . but i can't get my partners to whooHoo i'm gettin frustrated because its the only goal i have to complete. any help?!?!?!
  • May I know how do I plant things after I have upgraded my house?
  • I got the sims 3 for my ipod touch and it constantly crashes. The game itself is fun but the crashes ruin it. I tried to restart it I even took it off my ipod and put it back. Nothing works. Hopefully there is some way to fix this?
  • I bought this for my 2nd gen iPod touch, and I've never been able to play it! Crashes right after the splash screen. Don't buy this game! Total waste of 10 bucks. With so few models of iphone/ipod, there is no reason at all for this kind of garbage to have been released.
  • To plant things after upgrading house, buy seeds, fertiliser and a watering can from the Hobby Shop. Go outside your house at the back and there should be a patch of earth with garden stakes if you tap on a stake you get the option to plant one of the seeds you bought. You then have to tend them to get them to grow fully and can then harvest them (tapping on the plant gives these options). Plants that grow on bushes like tomatoes can be tended again after harvesting so you can grow more veg. Plants that grow out of the ground like carrots grow once and have to be newly planted to get more to grow. You can sell veg in the Quikmart in same way as fish.
    In return... can anyone tell me how to progress from best friend to romance? Couple seem to be happy together but no option beyond 'Tender Embrace' 'Flirt' and 'Pick Up Line' under 'Be Romantic'. Option to ask to move in but not ask to marry. Refuses move in. Any tips?
  • first you smooch her and then you go to the romance thing and click on the bottom left picture of blue animated sims holding hands!!!
  • how do you ask to marry someone once your their partner?
  • Can Someone Send Me A Copy Of "The sims 3"? Please
  • go to fone brand + model) sims 3.
  • Bob - how do you even get the smooch option?
  • Money: Go fishing! After you progress you'll catch lots of tuna which sell for $100 each (!) and other very profitable fish. Gardening gets you SOME money but not as much, but still worth it. Make sure to plant a variety because your sim can only hold up to 10 of each item.
    Romance: Note: some sims will not really want to be romantically involved with you. Sometimes because they're shy. Build slowly with flirting and then the flirty joke, as montioned above. But note: sometimes it is not obvious that you need to scroll down to see more options. They're there. If you have a "budding romance" then you can "Hot Smooch" and eventually the "Woo Hoo" option will be one of the last things down below on the menu.
    What I can't figure out is:
    1. how to change my sims clothing.
    2. Any cheats that will get me more money, etc.
    3. How to get a Promotion past "Vice-President" in City Hall. Every time I talk to Ruth (a best friend) about a promotion, she feels negatively about it! Is $300 a day the most you can make?
  • 1) I also have the crashing problem after about 15-20 mins of gameplay it crashes and when I start it up again it crashes more frequently. 2) Gotten my fella to marry me and all but do they not move in with you like the other Sims versions? Kinda nice to inherit your spouses money and assets!
  • I got Bernie to Marry me, move in, and woo hop. So it isn't impossible. It took repedidly selecting all romance options over several days. Sorry for spelling errors. Any attempt to correct has erased entire message.
  • To get some one to be in a relationship you have to romance them and be nice.....Tender embrace and express fondness works best FYI you can "scroll" to get different options while in the "menu" The crashing comes from all the power being used, when i have full power and am plugged up i get very few crashes To WOO_HOO you have to romance first you need a tender embrace then -hot smooch 1 to 2 times- back to romance and "scroll Down WHOO-HOO is under hot smooch. Save money eat at a best friend's house Fishing gets u the moola .....Collect your fish then go to the quick market to sell .... to unload hit the minus button ALSO you can sell your "crops" To get married you have to romance and be nice ....then you get to finance and then romace some more and be nice then you can ask to get married To give something to a sim they have to request it, once you have that item it will come up in the menu to give it may have to go to actions to do this i hope this helps .... i have completed all tasks and have 10K in money .....guess i am going to buy the one on the pc cause there nothing left for me to do!
  • complete all wishes to unlock pawn shop and get a job as master criminal for 600/night
  • I keep on doing romance actions and somhow I am not able to get past best friends can anyone tell me how to become partners
  • In order to be in a romantic relationship, you have to romance them while you are still friends. if you are good/best friends then insult them and you will go back to just being friends.
    When you are dating you will have the option to wohoo.
    I hope this helps.
    POOH, can you tell me how to get a bigger garden and discover new recipes?
  • Crashes HORRIBLY. Won't even start anymore on my iPhone. I'll try deleting and reinstalling... so much for my saves.
  • 1: ok just to make sure you have to be only friends to get romantic? b/c ive been best friends with Luke for ever now and i still cant smooch him
    2: Jenny-
    ~ to get a bigger garden you have to upgrade your house (it'll get bigger with each upgrade)
    ~ and discovering new recipes just means buying them from the bistro (i think)
    3: Mines never crashed but it might be because we dont have a Wi-Fi connection
  • Oh and also can you only upgrade your house twice? It wont let me upgrade mine anymore but it isnt as big as some other sims
  • yeah same, also how do you complete all wishes? and also, are there any non hacking cheats for money??
  • I have been playing for hours a day (i know it's baaaddd), but no matter who I flirt with, and they are all my best friends, and no matter how good of a mood I am in, nothing I do will let me start a romance. Also once in a while, I die- it says that my ego got too big for my body or something, but then it lets me pick up where I left off.. Mine crashes too... but it got much better after i reset my iPhone settings... but it still crashes sometimes.
  • you have to be friends with someone to start a romantic relationship with them, (which is what happened to me) so try insulting them and slapping them etc., the flirt with them once you're just friends. i'm not sure about the ego thing, but with it crashing, try keeping it recharging whilst playing, or only play when you have full battery, also save often and i find that helps too:)
  • Hey,
    Thanks Jess,
    Your answer has helped a lot.
    This game is amazing! Though it is very expensive and does use up quite a large amount of battery. The graphics are quite like the first Sims, if a bit better. If there were some changes I'd love them to include:
    Being able to have children,
    Being able to build more,
    More Promotions, and more ways of getting them I.E., the chatting skills by looking in the mirror etc.,
    Actually having mirrors,
    Being able to buy clothes/change your outfit/hairstyle,
    More people,
    And better goals.
  • Did anyone complete the goal list...I unlocked 72 out of 73 and I was wonderin if anyone can put up a completed list so I can see the last goal I need to unlock. I would appreciate it. Thanks
  • in order to stop crashing, u have to uninstall then reinstall the game
  • At the loading screen you can see a complete list of all the goals you have competed and the ones you haven't (as long as you have unlocked them all). To unlock all the wishes you need to play the game as different sims each time with different personilites ie jack of all trades.
  • I cant figure out how to know what the ingredients are for the recipes. i know how to do most of everything else but i Just Cant figure out how to do that. and i know its probably very easy. someone please help!! thank you.
  • hey go to the inventory (where it shows what food and supplies ect. you own)
    then you scroll to the bottom and it lists all the recipes you have
    click on a recipe and it'll show you what you need and if you already have it
    hope that helps!
  • can i be partner with Kia?
    she is my boss also.
  • How do you get to your inventory, though?
  • To view your inventory you have to 'click' on the status bar (the one that shows the pics of bed/toilet etc. in either green/red). Once that shows up you go to different lists by scrolling left or right, I think there are arrows that you can 'click' on also to go left or right.
  • I achieved all the goals in the main checklist, but the pawnshop is still closed. Does anyone know why?
  • Brownope, you can be partner with your boss. You can also marry and woohoo with your boss!
  • Sharon have completed all 73?
  • Hey guys, thanks for all the great info, its really helping. I just have one more quick question. I married Jake and I was able to ask him to move in with me but then I divorced him and asked him to move out. I am now married to Luke, but I haven't been able to find the "move in" option. Help!
  • Heyas, I have three questions, and I would be most pleased if someone could answer them =] I always see all the other sims driving cars, but my sim has to walk everywhere. Is there anyway to get a car for my sim? Are there more than two house upgrades? Someone on another site said that they were able to get promoted from Vice President to Mayor, and all they did was keep asking Ruth about it. I've made best friends with every sim in town, but every time I talk to her, it goes that she thinks my sim is being casual and the dreaded red minus sign appears. Anyone know how to fix this? Oh, and I'm having the same problem with Luke that allieballie is having, why can't I get him to move in with me?
    So I guess that's four question, oops! But if anyone wants to ask me a question, I would be more than happy to try and answer it!
  • When you complete all the goals you can buy a car from the pawn shop.
    The are only 2 house upgrades
    vice president is the highest job mayor is the one below it. If you quit your job as vp you can then go back and get the mayor job and then you can ask ruth for a raise.
  • Wow awesome, thanks so much Pooh! =]
  • I was wondering how do you get the second house upgrade?
    or will it just come one day like the first?
  • Your guess is correct, its like the first one, it just comes.
  • Hey guys, I only have a couple goals left, and they are mainly the power seeker ones. I managed to make $5,000, upgrade my house once, and buy the right stereo but i can't remember what to do to unlock the nice stove and the nice tv. Anyone know? Thanks in advance =]
  • How do I "discover new recipes" ?
  • To discover new recipes go to the bistro and buy them.The way they worded it was confusing to me too at first!
    Can anyone answer my question about how to get the modern furniture update? I would really appreciate it!
  • How do I get new goals? I've completed 53 of them, but I keep getting the same ones over and over.
  • To unlock new goals you need to create a new sim with a different personalite ie choose 'jack of all trades' and next time 'sleaze' etc.
    You can always use your other memory slots for your other sims although you will need to delete them as the is only 3 memory slots and you will need create a sim for each personalite.
  • The modern furniture update will happen with time just like the house upgrade
  • how do u harvest crops in the game ive done almost all the wishes just need to start growing stuff but dont no how
  • how do you becomme a spouse on sims 3 for ipod touch??
    Also, how do you sell the fish in the food market??
    pleaaase! answer theeese.
    Thannk you so mucccch!
  • also how do you make a sim jelous of another sim?
    that is in the wish list.
    and happens when you finish all the goals?0
    thank you again.
  • Hey. How do I unlock house upgrades??
  • maira: To harvest crops you first need to make sure you've upgraded your house at least once. Then, go to the hobby store and buy a watering can, some fertilizer, and whatever plant seeds you want. Go back to your house, and on the left side, over by the kitchen (on the outside of the house) there is this patch of dirt with these white sticks standing up. Click one of the sticks and on the option menu that comes up, choose plant... and then pick whichever seeds you want to plant. Once you have planted the seeds, click on the stick again and choose tend. Your sim will tend it, and the plant should grow. Depending on the type of plant you chose, you may have to tend it twice. Then, you can click on it and choose harvest. Voila!
    jessie: 1. To become a spouse, you must first be partners with a sim and then in the be romantic menu, the option for propose marriage will appear. Choose that, and when you feel like, go to the romantic menu again and choose get married. To have your spouse move in with you, go to your house, call them to invite them over, and in the actions menu, click ask to move in. To sell fish in the market, scroll down to the fish you want to sell and instead of clicking the + button like you would if you were buying something, click the - button to unload the fish. Then click the green checkmark button. To make a sim jealous of you, go to the house of one of the married couples, make sure they are both there, and then do one of the romantic options to one of the sims. Their partner will then be jealous. When you unlock all the goals, the pawn shop opens. You can then buy a car and get a job there, with the highest salary being $600/ night. Nikolas: There's nothing you can do to unlock house upgrades, they just come after a certain number of sim days have passed. There are only two house upgrades.
    Hope this all helps!
  • Caligirl: Thank you som uch for helping mee theyy did helllp.
    But hoow do you becomme partners first?
  • Jessie: if u wana become partners u keep being romantic n then ask to marry them in the action things
  • Soooo...
    Even if I am married and my spouse living with me, I can't have kids in this sims???? What do you do after this??? The game seems very short... :(
  • No, you can't have kids. Hopefully they will come out with a different version or an update but I wouldn't get my hopes up. After you unlock the pawn shop, it's kinda just make your house amazing and buy every recipe.
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  • I've completed 72 out of 73 goals and i've made every kind of sim there is but i can't figure out that last goal. can anyone help me?
  • can u make your house bigger? please some one answer quick i am thinking about buying this
  • OkAy
    I have playing the game for 2 days. I married marcell and divorced him becuase he didn't get rid of theresa, then I married jonny. I ate his food LOL and this how to make people be ur roomie
    Invite them over
    click on them
    Pick actions
    Scroll. Until u find something like "invite to live here"
    They choose yes or no
    Okay! Hoped it helpped
  • when u have a partner click on romantic then scroll down and itll say propose or woohoo! :D
  • how do you annoy a siim on ipod touchh??
  • How do you kick all the trash cans in town. I kick all but the gpal still shows incomplete.
  • Ivy have you kicked Bernie's his is inside his house and have you kicked you own trash can?
  • Can you make your house bigger likes on the pc sims?????????????????????????????
  • This game rocks i mastuurbate to it every nite
  • is there a money cheat?
    What is the fastest way of making money
  • XprincessX - Catch fish and sell them to the market. Also, if you talk to different sims about different things, they will ask you to do things for money... If you slap Ruth for Kia, she'll give you $90, or you can sell her a catfish for $200. Nina will give you $100 for a snapper... Marvell will give you a recipe for a salmon. Also, I found that working at the city hall and being friends with Ruth helps. If you have 10 friends, Ruth will promote you all the way up to Vice President, $100 daily. Just keep asking for promotions. $300 is the most a job pays daily.
    My question... I've completed all 73 goals... I heard that the pawn shop will hire you and pay $600 daily and sell you a car if you complete all goals. Is this true? I mean, I've completed everything, I have the highest house upgrade, the highest skills in cooking, repairing, gardening, and fishing. I'm Vice President at the City Hall, and I have the best of the best furniture... What now??? :(
  • CaliGirl - Have you opened the pawn shop? And gotten a car? Or did you just hear that??? I have done everything but that! I even have every recipe and have a few spouses and everyone in town is my best friend! I'm ready to be a criminal for the pawn shop and have a gay looking blue crown Vic wannabe car!
  • I completed all the tasks and as soon as I had I got a screen telling me I had completed all the tasks and then the pawn shop was open I don't think I did any think extra other than all the tasks.
    But don't get to excited about the car - all it does is instead of see yourself walking from one house to another a little car is show going there instead. I think it would of been more fun if I could move the car around with my finger.
  • I found one other way to discover a recipe! Keep talking to Marcel (bistro boss) about fishing - eventually he'll ask you to bring him a salmon and in exchange he'll share with you a family salmon recipe!
  • What's the highest paying job i can get at the Lab. I think i get like 240/day and when i ask my boss (i forgot her name) she gets angry at me. I've been looking for other jobs but they pay like 70/day.
  • Pooh, I'm missing 2 goals. I've used each personality, yet it still says I'm missing 2. How do i get them? Also, on the "Kick over all the trash cans in town" goal, i went house-to-house in clock rotation and kicked them all including mine. It still says I didnt kick them all. Whats up with that? I'm asking you because you seem like the expert lol
  • I'm new to sims and i was wondering if you could do that in app purchase thing on the stereo to get It to play your music. So can you do it yet I watched the apple event and sawed that. Also if you are at a budding relationship. Does that mean your married?
  • Why is "your ego is too big for your body " appears thanks.
  • I have the app and there is this girl i want to be my date, partner, fiance or spouce but she is my best friend and i cant do anything to stop it, how is it that i can stop someone being my wife but not my friend? Is there a way? BTW the demo is rubbish but the game is really good on ipod touch or iphone.
  • Oh and to Pooh (comment 104) what tasks?
  • hi need hepl,
    the game works well on my iphone but there is a problem,every time i restart the sims there are no saved games available, does someone knows why?
  • How do I unlock the last 2 goals? I've completed 71 out of 73 and used all personalities, but can't figure out how to unlock the last 2. I wanna be able to use pawn shop.
  • To foggers you have to be "rude" to your best friend by insulting, arguing, etc several times until her relationship with your sim starts declining to good friend then switch it up by "romance"ing her
  • Sasuke the 2 goal you're missing have you unlocked them or are they just not compleated.
    With the trash cans it is very easy to miss one I ended up going around everyone twice as I must have missed one the first time. Make sure the goal is locked in before you try otherwise it will not count towards your main goal list.
  • Simsfan2 it sounds like you have done everything to unlock all the goals it would be intresting to know which 2 you are missing I think I might need to write them all out so you can check which you are missing so we can figure out why they haven't been unlocked.
  • G "your ego is too big for your body" means your dead. The game has a few different ways of dieing some you can prevent (like by feeding them) and some you can't (like by a monkey) but you don't need to worry you can just log back in and carry on playing from the last saved point.
  • Foggers I say goals, tasks and wishes as the same thing. Sorry for any confusion I also can't spell sorry.
  • Thanks Pooh. I already got the trash cans goal on the 4th try though. But I'm still missing 2 goals. Meaning: I have discovered 73 out of 75. I dont know which 2 im missing. Yes, I tried every personality (Jack of all Trades, Jerk, Sleaze, Maniac, Nice Guy, and the Power/ Money thing).
  • Sasuke - right I think what i need to do is write the whloe list out so we can find out which goals are missing so we can try to figure out why you haven't unlocked them.
    I'm busy this weekend so I'm not sure I'm going to get a chance of getting on my pc but I hopeful I'll get a chance on Monday and we can figure what it is that you are missing.
  • GOALS LIST - I'm still missing 2, please help! Try cooking Buy fishing kit Buy watering can Buy repair kit Buy a stove Buy a bath Gain a skill point at cooking Gain a skill point at fishing Gain a skill point at repairing Meet a new Sim Befriend a Sim Begin a romantic relationship Make an enemy Make a Sim laugh Annoy a Sim Insult a Sim Creep out another Sim Slap a Sim Buy something Catch a fish Catch a trout Catch a salmon Catch a catfish Repair something Discover a new recipe Cook something Cook grilled cheese Cook steak and veggies Cook minestrone Grow something Grow carrots Grow corn Grow tomato Watch TV Kick over a trash can Sleep in another Sim's bed Use another Sim's shower Use another Sim's toilet Get a better couch Get a better TV Accumulate $1,000 Catch 15 fish Harvest 30 crops Stay entertained for three days Stay fed for three days Stay rested for three days Stay clean for three days Meet all the Sims in town Make a Sim jealous of you Sleep in three other Sim's bed Woohoo with someone Get a promotion Reach the top of a career ladder Use everyone's toilet at least once Use everyone's shower at least once Creep out five people Watch three people sleep Be romatically involved with three Sims Woohoo eight times in one day Accumulate $5,000 Own the best house Own the best TV, stereo and stove Get married Be liked by all the Sims in town Be disliked by all the Sims in town Slap four people Kick over all the trash cans in town Achieve the highest fishing skill level Achieve the highest repairing skill level Achieve the highest cooking skill level I'm missing right back.
  • Insult five people
    thats 71. I've created many Sims with different personalities and the other two goals do not appear. Anyone???
  • I have a theory about unlocking the last 2 goals, has anyone tried discovering ALL of the traits for all of your neighbors? This might unlock the last 2 goals...worth a try
  • Lol! I just unlocked goal 72. "Get a job". My sim was fired and unemployed for a few days and was mooching off of my best friends for food.
  • @ Pooh. Ahhhhh. I see. How do i find out the traits? I've always had a problem with that.
    @ Dude who made the long list: You're missing the Achieve Highest Cleaning Skill Level
  • @ Pooh. Ahhhhh. I see. How do i find out the traits? I've always had a problem with that.
    @ Dude who made the long list: You're missing the Achieve Highest Cleaning Level
  • To view the other sims traits, approach them then press the button on the bottom right that looks like two people. It will show 4 empty traits with ??? You have to figure them out by having different types of converations (talk about fishing, tell joke, flirt, insult, etc). Once you unleash their trait it will appear
  • Chuckie your missing No 1 try fishing and No 20 get a job