Quick App Update: BeejiveIM for iPhone Updated to v3.2

BeejiveIM [iTunes Link - $9.99] has always been one of TiPb's favorite IM clients and it continues to impress with the release of version 3.2. This application is arguably one of the finest IM clients currently available for the iPhone and iPod touch and with the following enhancements it's hard for anyone to dispute.

  • Performance enhancements, faster startup time, especially with large number of chats open.
  • Dynamic message loading for chats. By default, only the previous 50 messages (configurable) in a chat is loaded at startup, scroll up to load more.
  • Groups button added to buddy list (as in contacts.app)
  • Search moved to inside buddy list (as in contacts.app)
  • Several bug fixes, including several Facebook sync crash problems.
  • Several minor UI enhancements

If BeejiveIM is already in your arsonal of apps what are you waiting for, head to the App Store and update now. For those of you still shopping around for a more than decent IM client, BeejiveIM is top notch.

Let us know how it works for you!

IM Staff

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