iKlenz cleaner solution for iPad and iPhone - accessory review

iKlenz Cleaner Solution for your iPhone and iPad removes, dirt, grime, fingerprints, bacteria and germs, while repelling dust. iKlenz gives your iPhone and iPad ascreen a streak free shine.

If I had to name my top 5 items I should always have for my iPhone and iPad this would most definitely be one one them. Since I do a lot of videos, I always ensure my iPhone and iPad are clean before a shoot. I also know that water and/or a shirt (iChadman, bellyrub?!) do not cut it when it comes to fingerprints and oil. Also Windex can cause damage to the delicate surface of the iPhone and iPad, so I never use that on my precious iPhone and iPad.

You just spray the solution on the cloth a few times, wipe the screen clean lightly then fold and dry off with the other side of the microfiber cloth (which comes with iKlenz). It works like a charm and lasts for a long time.


  • Comes with Microfiber Cloth
  • Repels Dust
  • Kills Bacteria and Germs
  • Streak Free Shine
  • Really you should just buy one


  • Costs More than Water
  • That's it really, have you gotten it yet?

<a href="https://www.imore.com/"http://store.imore.com/iklenz-cleaner-solution/15A43A3000.htm">iKlenz Cleaner Solution is $19.95. I find it works great and I recommend you get one today and let me know what you think of it, .


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