Quick Review: UNO HD for iPad

UNO HD for iPad [$4.99 - iTunes link (opens in new tab)] by Gameloft brings the classic card game to bigger, bolder life on that 9.7" screen. At first blush, UNO more so than something like NOVA feels like it could have been a universal binary, sparing existing owners of the iPhone version from having to buy it twice. However, Gameloft wisely upped the anti based on the iPad's-size, offering a 4 player option that makes it eminently more suitable as a true board-game replacement -- you can realistically sit 2 or 4 people around an iPad and start up the multiplayer version of the game, share the screen, and get your UNO on.

You can of course also use single-player mode, or multiplayer between devices either locally or online. The graphics look prerequisite-ly great on the iPad, though we did find the controls a tad challenging (choosing and playing cards weren't quite as buttery smooth as we'd like).

A side effect of the game being run on an iPad instead of with real cards is that it's almost impossible to make mistakes or (gasp) cheat. The game only allows you to play cards you're allowed to play, when you're allowed to play them. Whether that's a good or bad thing we'll leave up to you and your consciences to sort out.

If you like UNO and you want to bring a little bit of real world social interaction back to your family and friends, grab an iPad, fire it up, pass it around, and let us know what you think.

Video of me taking on a challenger, after the break!

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Rene Ritchie

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  • Katchow!
    Looks great. Nice video.
  • "ante"
  • How about something akin to Scrabble where I can see my hand on my iPhone or iPod Touch and flick cards onto the iPad board! I just came up with that in about one second so how about it gameloft?
  • I'm slightly embarrassed to admit that I played this over the weekend. IMHO, it's a good app for one person (if you're bored) but go for the real thing if you want to play UNO with more than one person. Seriously, I can't imagine having four people sitting around the iPad to play this. Besides the fact that you can see each other's cards, it just seems kind of sad. What happened to a good old fashioned game of cards? :)
  • Any version of this I have tried does not allow you to strategically not throw a card. You could have a draw 4 and two cards that cant be thrown. You cant skip your own turn. This makes the game an epic fail IMO.
  • Seems like you met your match Rene.
  • The offline multiplayer is bs. How is this even a game if everyone can see everyones hand?
  • Does the App Store for iPad only show iPad apps?
  • Another application for iPad, Anrdroid phone... PaperNow, next gen e-paper.. Online DEMO at www.papernow.net (free reg.)
  • I recently brought this app for the iPhone. Money well spent. But I don't understand how 2 player mode allows for the other person to be still sitting right there. They can still see the cards.
  • Armor games has great games, alot of them have WP7 and I-Phone best selling game apps, and a few are even on X-Box live arcade.