RapidWeaver 8's new design helps you build your website more efficently

RapidWeaver developer Realmac Software announced today in a press release that a new paid update has officially launched for the popular website creation app, bringing it to version 8.0. The update offers a highly streamlined experience that includes a UI redesign as well as new features like Unsplash integration, a device simulator, and more. RapidWeaver 8 will ideally the process of website creation — no matter what sort of website you have in mind — more intuitive than ever before. And if you're super attached to the old RapidWeaver, don't worry: Realmac is keeping all the features you know and love.

Here's the few of the highlights RapidWeaver 8 offers, according to the company:

  • Redesigned UI: The RapidWeaver 8 UI has been overhauled completely for cleanliness and ease of use, and includes enhancements like "state restoration," which will allow you to open your project exactly as you left it so you can get back to work faster without any extra hassle.
  • Unsplash support: RapidWeaver 8 also includes a revamped Resources Manager that not only gives you access to your personal photo library but also lets you use stock photo service Unsplash without ever needing to leave the program.
  • Device simulator: Want to see what your site will look like on mobile? What about on different computers? RapidWeaver 8 helps you cut out the guess work with its new device preview feature that "enables users to view their site on a selection of devices without leaving the app." What's more, you can open multiple windows for different devices that will update automatically when you make any changes.
  • New themes: Realmac has added five new themes to RapidWeaver 8, all of which use the reliable and responsive Bootstrap 4.
  • GDRP support: Privacy is a priority for most nowadays, so RapidWeaver 8 has beefed up RapidWeaver 7's already data-protective nature. RapidWeaver 8 is 100% GDPR compliant, ensuring that no official themes "make calls to any third-party hosted libraries" like JQuery or Google Fonts.
  • Built-in .htaccess editor: RapidWeaver 8 allows you to edit ".htaccess" files directly without needing to leave the app to utilize an external FTP app or text editor.
  • New add-ons manager: RapidWeaver 8's new add-ons manager will let you "enable and disable plugins, themes, and stacks ... on an individual level or by the developer," streamlining your workflow and giving your more granular control over your site.

For a more comprehensive list of features, you can check out the RapidWeaver 8 release notes provided by Realmac.

So, got a website idea you're ready to bring to life? You can try RapidWeaver 8 for free by clicking the link below. Note that after your trial is up, however, you will be asked to purchase the app. If you don't already have a version of RapidWeaver installed, you can get it for the special launch price of $79 — a $10 discount. If you're already a RapidWeaver user, however, you'll only be asked to pay the upgrade fee of $59, which is also $10 off what the upgrade would cost normally.

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Would you give RapidWeaver 8 a try? Why or why not? If you already use it, what do you think about the update? Share in the comments below!

Tory Foulk

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