It's an increasingly rare day when a press release finds its way to my inbox that's actually relevant to me or anyone that uses an iPhone. But, has done it. They have a product that syncs your iPhone with Google's online calendar. It's a Windows-only app and it requires Outlook with a plugin, but if you were looking for a way to sync the Google to your iPhone, there's a way to do it.

"A synchronisation application is not yet available for the Apple iPhone. However, it is still possible to synchronise the device with GooSync by using the Funambol Outlook Plugin. [....] A GooSync client for the Apple iPhone is planned for release in Q1 2008."
I don't know why you would, but if you need the press release, it's after the break.

Google and iPhone Now in Sync

Toffa International adds iPhone support to its on-line GooSync service.

Wolverhampton, UK November 26, 2007 – A better, more efficient way of keeping Google calendars and contacts synced with your iPhone is now possible thanks to GooSync.

Toffa International Limited, a leading developer in the mobile computing market, is adding iPhone support, to its existing on-line service, GooSync, which synchronizes a user’s Google Calendar and Contacts with their mobile device.

Amongst the benefits of using Google Calendar and Contacts, information can be added and amended either on line or on your iPhone and then automatically synced comfortably so you’re always up-to-date. No more worries that iPhone failure or theft will lead to losing valuable information.

Toffa International’s Managing Director Chris Jukes, said, “Our users wanted a one-stop synchronization solution for vital Calendars and Contacts. Adding iPhone support strengthens our ongoing commitment to supporting the latest mobile technologies. Keeping Calendars and Contacts Synced and Safe is a priority for iPhone users.”

Toffa launched GooSync in January 2007, since then over 100,000 users have been synchronizing their appointments and events between their mobile device and their free on-line Google Calendar. Toffa’s latest addition to GooSync means that iPhone users will now be able to sync their Google data.

How it works

The GooSync service is based on the Toffa commercial synchronization engine, SyncWiseLive, which supports industry open standards (SyncML). GooSync is compliant with most of the latest mobile phones and personal digital assistants (PDAs). For further information on GooSync please visit: