Raw Performance: iPhone 3GS 4x Faster than iPhone 3G at 3D!

TapTapTap, developers of the upcoming Plasma app decided to slap a big, honkin’ frame rate indicator on a raw version just to see what differences, if any, the iPhone 3GS hardware provided compared to the previous generation iPhone 3G. The results?

As the video shows, in our OpenGL ES testing, the 3GS is generally close to four times faster than the 3G. Results will vary depending on the application but this is remarkable to say the least.

Check out the link above to watch the full QuickTime video. Impressive stuff.

TUAW, meanwhile, had this to say:

On a related note, we hear that Apple has done "even more" than we can publicly disclose around speed improvements on the device.

Hmmm, do tell?

Rene Ritchie

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