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If you want to cultivate a business-oriented mindset, the best thing you can do is read books to absorb as much knowledge as possible. However, if you spend most of your time managing your business already, when will you find time to read? Instead of spending days or even weeks trudging through pages, you can sign up for’s book summaries for as little as $29. is a service offering an ever-expanding library of 12-minute book summaries. The books are condensed into 12-minute summaries that give you the most important takeaways and business trends without having to delve into chapters of fluff, and each book is chosen to cater to entrepreneurs, executives, and business coaches. The library currently has over 300 summaries and includes titles such as Made to Stick, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Leaders Eat Last, and more. If you’re hoping to get more out of your summaries, even includes animated video summaries to help you better understand each takeaway.

As an entrepreneur, time and knowledge are your most valuable assets, and will provide you the knowledge needed to stay on the cutting edge while saving you time. You can sign up for a single year for just $29, or buy a lifetime membership for $199. Standard Plan: 1-Yr Subscription - $29

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