This has been one heck of a year, thanks to a pandemic and all. One of the most important things that you can do to help curb the spread is by limiting how often you go out. But if you need to go somewhere, then you should arm yourself with a face mask so that your germs don't get into the air for others. Right now, you can grab a 50-pack of Hanes' Reusable Cotton Face Masks for just $11 at Amazon for Black Friday, which is 63% off the normal $31 price. Since we don't know when this is all just going to go away, it's best to keep a steady supply on hand. This Black Friday price brings these down to about $4 per mask.

Protect yourself and others

Hanes 50 Pack Reusable Cotton Face Masks White

Hanes Reusable Cotton Face Mask 50-pack | $19.60 off at Amazon

Stock up!

Hanes Reusable Cotton Face Masks are 3-ply and made with 100% Jersey Cotton. It's soft and easy to breathe with these on, so you won't have to worry about running out!

Whenever I leave the house these days, I always make sure to have a reusable mask with me. But when it comes to face masks, I want to make sure that they're soft with a breathable fabric, and they're comfortable to wear while providing the protection that I need, for myself and others. This 50-pack of Hanes Reusable Cotton Face Masks is a fantastic value, with each mask coming in at $4 with the $11 price tag.

If you're worried about these being flimsy masks, don't. There are three layers to each mask, and they are soft and give enough stretch to fit most people. These masks have an anti-microbial finish that can last for up to 10 washes — with a pack of 50, they're going to last you quite some time.

So if you need to stock up on your face mask supply, this is a great bargain. Don't hesitate to pick some up if you're running low! For more great Black Friday savings, don't forget to check out Black Friday Apple deals!

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