The DLO HybridShell Clear with Black Grips for iPhone 3G is available from The iPhone Blog Store for $24.95. If you are looking for a clear plastic case with "grip", this case might be for you!. Let's see how it measures up after the break!


The DLO HybridShell for iPhone 3G is a transparent plastic snap-on case for the iPhone. The case protects the back and sides. The openings are all precision cut, even the camera, to allow for easy access to all of the ports and switches on the iPhone. As a bonus, you even receive a screen protector to protect the screen.

Daily Use

The factor that attracted me to this case initially were the raised black rubber "bumps" on the bottom of the case. I think everyone would agree that out of the box, the iPhone can be a little slippery. After snapping on the case I immediately began placing the case on any surface I could find to see how it "stuck". Keep in mind that there is no adhesive, simply solid rubber studs. I have to admit to my surprise it actually made a difference. Specifically in the car. Placing the case on the dashboard for example proved  non-perilous.

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With these positives, there are inevitable downsides. The big one? Well, that same awesome non-slip behavior on surfaces also applies to your pant pocket. Though not impossible to wield, depending on how tight you wear your pants, the case can get "stuck" pulling it our of your pocket. Yes, those rubber studs work their magic in there too.

I typically shy away from snap-on cases because my biggest fear is that if the phone is dropped, the case will hit the ground and break apart. Not so with the DLO Hybrid Shell. Once this case is on, it stays on and can be very difficult to remove (I had to get my pocket knife to use as a prying tool to remove the case).


Overall I think this is an excellent case only brought back a tad from perfection by a couple issues including: no docking while in the case (you can still use the USB cable), sticks in your pocket and the case can be rather challenging to remove. This last one only would apply if you swap cases often). These sniggles aside, if you are looking for a clear case with screen protector and rubber grips, I think you can't go wrong with this case. Its low-profile and ridged to serve the most abusive customers.


  • Lightweight
  • Case is compact
  • Precision openings for accessing everything you need on your phone
  • Back grips are nice
  • Included clear screen protector is an added bonus


  • Case can get "stuck" in your jean pocket do to the rubber studs
  • Case is very difficult to remove
  • Not dockable from within case

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